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I ordered an Intelius background check in July for $9.94, and now I've received my credit card statement with an unauthorized charge on it for $24.95. My first call to the number listed said all "circuits were busy" (uh huh). When my credit card company called on my behalf they were told that in ordering the $9.94 background check, the "small print" also signed me up for a subscription that clearly I didn't want and didn't sign up for. My credit card company will reverse the charge as unauthorized, but I don't need all this pain in the neck and I'm sure they're getting away with murder.

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  • Do
      Aug 24, 2009
    TWENTY4PROPLU - I got billed for 24.95 and I've never used this service before or will ever use. I wont' pay for something I didn't sign up for or want
    New Hampshire
    United States

    I was billed on my credit card statement for something I have never used or will ever use and I don't want for 24.95

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  • En
      Sep 24, 2009

    I Orderd a one time background check in 04/20/2009 for $4.99 and thereafter I just discoveredr today that the company did an unthorized charge on my account on 04/22/2009 for $19.95 and apparentl;y I did n't notice but they have been charging my Debit card account every month, about the same time for the same amount . Who gives them the right to do that ? That is a good $119.69 plus the original amount of $4.99 totals to $124.69 of my hard earned money all for a one, one time background check, which never even amounted to the information I needed . That really is Highway Robbery and they need to be stopped. I am going to my Bank Now .

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  • Lo
      Sep 30, 2009

    same thing just happen to me i order a phone check for .99cents i was charged 24.99 I do not want this service I donot know what this service does

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  • Be
      Oct 29, 2009

    This is terrible I have been going through the same thing, trying to get these fraudulent charges removed. Where is the law when you need it? Maybe Intelelius is the one to blame, it's all a scream.
    I agree I agree.

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  • In
      Nov 02, 2009

    It sounds like you have accepted a third party company’s offer that is advertised on the Intelius website. If you no longer wish to be enrolled in that third party company’s service, please call [protected] Monday – Friday 4:30am – 9:00pm PST. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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  • Iv
      Nov 10, 2009

    I got billed for 23.95 and I've never used this service before or will ever use. I wont' pay for something I didn't sign up for or want

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  • Jo
      Nov 30, 2009
    TWENTY4PROPLU - Unauthorized charges
    Twenty 4 pro plus
    United States

    This company charged my credit card for several months without my authorization. As others have noted on this site I made a purchase from and got this $19.99 charge every month after that as a 'extra'. Once I noticed this Intelius was good about helping reverse the unauthorized charges. call 888.445.2727 if you have the same problem; that is Intelius' phone number.

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  • 44
      Jan 01, 2010

    charge showed up on my credit card statement billed on Christmas day for 24.95 have never done any business with this company.

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  • St
      Jan 23, 2010
    TWENTY4PROPLU - Unauthorized charges
    United States

    Beware! Check your credit card statements carefully. If you see TWENTY4PROPLU. You have been scammed to the tune of $24.95 a month. Immediately call their [protected] phone number, (1) have them remove your name from their list and 2. demand a refund. Note: They will only refund your LAST payment. (They will remove your name) However, if you have multiple charges (that is, if you didn't spot the charges over a number of months) you are flat out of luck. They will not refund your money. The next step. Go to you Credit Card company and dispute the past charges. Bank of America has a policy that allows you to dispute a charge or charges, but only back 60 days. So, if those charges go back more than 60 days then you are pretty much screwed. The next step is to report the company to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) your Better Business and your state's Attorney General.

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  • De
      May 08, 2010

    INTELIUS is one crooked company. I never accepted a third party charge at all. It is fraud and someone does need to stop them. I was charged over $300 for companys such as TWENTY4PROPLU and IDPROTECT. I never signed up for any of them. I have filed several complaints on several websites. Please do not use any of these fraudulent company's.

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