TWC/CableTV-Phone-Internet / Terrible Customer Service & Fraudulent Charges

Rebuttal to "Misty"
Two wrongs do not make one right.

Perhaps the person you responded to was not even aware of doing anything wrong, if what you say is accurate.
I have personally been fighting TWC for the past 3 years for their fraudulent practices of promising one charge for a particular account and two months later, adding further non-justified charges. If challenged and unpaid, theses charges keep piling up and one ends up being hounded by a collection department of sort. The so called customer service agents are just trained parrots working on a script.

Now, TWC has a new refinement. I can speak to an alleged supervisor who assures me in writing that he will correct the "error". It works once and the next month new charges are back again. When I try to contact that “supervisor” no one knows him – or so they say.

At this point, I will attack at high level by first contacting a local general manager. I was refused the telephone connection, no matter, I know where he lives. He will get an unexpected visit. If that does not work, I will go to the HQ in Morrisville in person and demand to be seen by two senior boards members, whose name I already have chosen, after contacting Channel 14 so that they can come and record the event. You may even see it on TWC news channel… for free.

Whoever you are “Misty” please pass this on to your local managers. I worked for the Federal government and I was trained to fight long and hard. Being a paralegal also helps.

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