TW/ EAUCTION 801-578-9020Unautorized Credit card charges


This company, had been charging my credit card, since april, with US$ 69.90 each month, without any autorization of me. actually they change the name each month, they started with a low charge US$ 2.95 and after the big one
April: TW/ EAUCTION [protected]: $2.95
May: TW/ PRAUCTION [protected]: $69.90
June: TW/ IAUCTION [protected]: $69.90
July: TW/ IAUCTION [protected]: $69.90

Which surprise me the most if the fact that I found a lot of reports over the internet about this company some of them coming back to 2007, and looks like not any agency of law has done anything to stop them, even though they had their address and the account where this funds are goin in.

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