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TV's Depot / Samsung LN - 37B650 37 & LCD HDTV / beware of internet crime

1 United States

On 6/15/09 I placed an order for a samsung ln-37b650 37" lcd hdtv for father's day. Few minutes after that I went to the bbb site to check on the reputation of the company; I was astonished with what I found; immediately called albert fouerti, chief executive officer mentioned by bbb as one of the principals, and explain to him my concern after I placed the order, his attitude was to help make this order possible without troubles;putting my mind at ease.

On 6/18/09 after I checked emails and found the tracking # I went to check at the ups site the track, and my surprise was that it was held by origin destination.

On 6/19/09 ~ 3:30pm I called tvsdepot ask for albert fouerti, but instead the call was redirected to "bobby franco"so called warehouse manager who to my question about why the order was held he question me. Did you order this or was your husband? I told him it was me, and came up with: that I was a fraud, my credit card as well, my address was a false address and that he won't send to me the order until a faxed to him copy of my credit card front and back, and copy of my drivers license. I said no... No... No... No repeatedly and he screemed back to me, well I wont' send it to you. I told him i'm not a fraud, my credit card information is good as well as my address. My fax machine don't provide good quality of pictures and I don't know why you are asking me for that when your company already got the money from capital one. Them he came with a fraud flag that supposedly appear in the computer on my order. Right inmediately I told him to cancel the order, I don't need this at all; you better don't send it. He told me he need to call the fbi to confirm my identity, and I told him; great called them I have nothing to hide, lets be in conference. Or you call or I call. He stayed silent/mute I thought he hang up, but came back to tell me. I won't send the order until you send me the copy of your credit card front and back and copy of your drivers license. Them was me the one that told him, no, and I will be the one to notify the fbi which I did. I call customer service cancel the order, and proceed to search online for new york line for internet crime. The credit cards division at the fbi bureau called me~ 9:00pm and told me about ic3.Gov site. I also called capital one to notify about and to cancel that transaction.


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