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misrepresentation of service provided

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I subscribed to TVFreeload.com. The site is a scam. The site itself leads you to believe that for the one payment you are able to access a vast variety of TV programs. Once the money is paid I found that I cannot go to the original site and log in, and where I log in I cannot access the original site.

There is an online site called TVFreeload Forum where there is access to the programs (the very same programs listed by TVFreeload.com) and these are indeed free. It appears that the scamsters have appropriated the list of programs (TVFreeload Forum) and used these as a glitzy promo. There is another site that purports to be a "review"site of movie and TV programs on line which gives a recommendation of fhree or four sites. One of these sites is TVFreeload.com.

It is not until you 'register' through paying your money that you are directed to the 'membership' area. A platinum membership area no less. At the membership area there are four steps before you have ímmediate' access to the programs. Step one is to down load the "mediacinema" files appropriate to your operating system.

Step two takes you to Miro. Miro does provide access to some sites and some programs. These sites and programs have absolutely no relation to the TV and movies listed in the TVFreeload.com site. After a lot of time wasting through their "help" via their "contact" system which my netserver bounces back as undeliverable the realization of being scammed occurs.
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A  6th of Oct, 2009 by    -2 Votes
same thing happened to me! - I have lodged a complaint to Paypal to dispute the charge to my credit card! FAKES FAKES FAKES - PEOPLE BEWARE OF PAYING FOR ANYTHING ON TVFREELOAD - I mean maybe the forum thing where no money has changed hands good try it - seems to have some intersting things you can download. But do NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY PEOPLE!!!
A  1st of Dec, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I feel you man, I got into the same scam, I only wished I had done more research before getting scammed off my $20 or so bucks. I feel so stupid and embarrassed.

A  9th of Dec, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I also got scammed by tvfreeload.com. I wanted to download some House MD (TV Show) and the site appears to show that this is possible. But in reality I ended up paying US$ 29.88 for some dumb program which did not allow me to download what the site said it had. I paid via paypal, so I have raised a complaint with them.

I have also contacted the company where the URL is registered, which is TUCOWS INC. I am asking them to give me the contact details of the owners of tvfreeload.com. You'll note that under contact us, they don't give any contact information, a sure sign the site is bogus!
N  21st of Dec, 2009 by    -2 Votes
you guys are dumbasses!! really... you do not understand the concept of these websites. I have been using TVFREELOAD for years... I am able to download for free everytime... WHat does a freeload memeber does to download FREE movies and tv shows??? You go to the forum.. find the thread of the movie you want... then u click on the link to download ... then usually those files are at sites called rapidshare or megaupload.those sites HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH TVFREELOAD. Now there u choose to download free or pay to be a member so u can download multipli files at high speed... but if you choose the free way to download, it should take a little bit longer but u will get the file. Patience is a virtue when comes to get FREE ### online... you guys are probably not very internet savvy to understand how to watch those videos and are better off going to itunes and buying the movie or tv show online! TV FREELOAD IS AWESOME... I am simply a member. U guys should read a tutorial of how to download before u choose to talk bull on a great website!
A  21st of Dec, 2009 by    +3 Votes
This site is a totally scam ... you cannot download anything from this site. I am happy that I did get a refund for the $35.17 I spent. I was actually surprised that they refunded my money. Go to the website where you put in your credit card information and send them an e-mail and they will refund you your money.
D  21st of Dec, 2009 by    -2 Votes
Scam????? Are monkeys using computers now or are you all ###ed? It is called tvFREEload.com, I have been using this forum for a while now with No Problems what so ever, I never paid a membership fee because becoming a member to the forum was FREE, if you gave them any money it was a donation towards the site. The forum only provides download links posted by other members threw rapidshare, megaupload, ect...
Now I don't ever got to just tvfreeload.com I go to forum.tvfreeload.com, its the same site but if you go to the first one their links just take you to the forum anyway, so try it again but this time go to forum.tvfreeload.com and you will see that it is all free!!
Why would you pay for a site that has freeload in its name in the first place?
D  21st of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
"http://forum.tvfreeload.com" ROCKS.
What this world needs is common sense.
D  22nd of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I despair! I have downloaded nearly a terrabyte of films and TV shows from TV freeload and never paid a penny!

The site is truly awesome! And has enabled me to watch TV shows when I wanted to rather than when the TV companies put them on.

You complaining ###wits really need to get your facts straight, just because you are unable to use the internet doesn't mean you have the right to slag someone off who is providing a great FREE service.
D  24th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I've been using tv freeload forum too for two years now, it's totally free and very useful link for me and I'm sure for every members of the forum too. All you got to do is just registered. Just like any other forum.

But now the site is down, is it because there's too many complain againts it, that's declare that tvfreeload is a scam? It's unbelieveable :(
D  27th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I have never heard of paying for tvfreeload. Like others, I have been using it forever. I love the site. Now that it is down, there is no where to go to on the net for FREE to get movies and such.
N  27th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
What happen to tvfreeload site ??I've been trying to open it since three days now and it's still not working...Tvfreefoad is my best download tvshow site and it's completelyfree after you registered as a member !!! Can anybody tell me why the site is down...I just hope that they have a server problem and will fix it asap ...i'll be really sad if they've closed this awesome site !!! You should not complain about this site when you don't know how to use it ...
D  29th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Well if anyone has paid anything, it's not for tvfreeload, it's probably for another one like rapidshare or megaupload for a premium membership or so! Please people wake up and learn how to use this site properly! We need the site back!
D  29th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
tvfreeload is a great site and I do agree that people need to learn how to use it before bashing it. Hope it comes back up soon. But there are plenty of other sites out there like Warez-bb and katzfourms. all you have to do it use google.
D  29th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Essence of the complaint is understood, the point is you why would you pay for tvfreeload.com when the exact same shows can be downloaded for free at forum.tvfreeload.com?? Paying to download TV is not exactly a sign of intelligence. Research before parting with your $$$ is just common sense.
N  30th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
TVFREELOAD IS FREE! Sorry about those who paid but ... CERTANLY, they did not know to use OR, , THEY ARE NO ENGLISH"! Or is it a conspiracy??
And another thing...
A QUESTION FOR MR kingbrutal
Tell me how can access YOU FORUM.TVFREELOAD.COM that I am not successful
some time ???????
You said, , The forum is ok, no complaint there", BUT DOESN~T WORK
A  1st of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
How is it possible that there are still so many clueless people on the internet? Wake up! It's the Intenet, for crying out loud - don't just give your credit details to random sites... this is Darwinism at work.
D  3rd of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
It's a great site. Unfourtunately it does seem to be down right now. It's went down before due to hosting problems. Hopefully it will come up again. For the idiots that paid and can't get it to work I gotta go with the whole Darwinism comment. Do some research before passing out cash. Most of us use it for free. Yes there are two different URLs you can use to access it but www.tvfreeload.com links to forum.tvfreeload.com. Try to pay attention dummies. Otherwise pay me the $35 bucks and I'll tell you where to go download movies.
N  7th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
omg really scam it isnt...i wasnt even savvy a couple years ago when i first started using it and still wasnt stupid enough to pay for a thing. So the dumb ###'s are the people who took the site away from the people who actually knew how to use it. anyone who feels they where scammed deserve to be...how can you really be that stupid?? tvFREEload FREEEEEEEEEEE
D  12th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Ah this has given me a good laugh. My advice to the people who think they were scammed is 'READ everything before u even think about using your credit card'. If you get directed to a different page/site when u apply for membership read everything thoroughly so u know exactly what u are becoming a member of. Go back to the original page and make sure u understand what u have been redirected to and if in doubt then DON'T give out your credit card details.

Don't go slamming the site when it is obvious that u don't understand what exactly happened because you will probably find the fault was with u, not the site. I have been using it for years and the only fee i've paid is for megaupload so i could download multiple files at once. It's common sense really people.
N  15th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
tvfreeload has been down for weeks now ...Why is it that up to now this site is still inaccessible ??Is it really closed or they still having technical problems or whatever as long as it's back soon cause I really missed this awesome site..It's fast and easy to download anything ..Can anyone tell me please what's happening to this site?? Is there any similar free download site like tvfreeload that use megaupload links ( which I used to download) ?? Please Help !!

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