tvDVDmagicpoor quality discs

The reason for the many complaints about this company besides the poor customer service is the extremely poor quality of their dvds. This is because the discs are pirated(illegal copies.) The response I received stated that the set is not an "official sedition, but rather a "fan" or "collectors" edition, what ever that means. I believe it is a sneaky way of not letting the customer know that the discs are copied illegally. They are poor copies of originals, sometimes copied off videotapes. My discs had fingerprints, smudges, and scratches on them. Most of them had many serious problems and would not play correctly. I will say this much for the company: After I put the sale in dispute with my credit card company, they finally refunded my money. However, I recommend not purchasing anything from them, as took an unreasonably long time to get the mess corrected, and you are likely to be frustrated not only with poor-quality dvds, but poor customer service waiting for a refund.


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