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over and over I have asked Rogers why it is I am paying for all these channels I do not watch. Answer is always 'dictated by CRTC', well CRTC we need to get rid of so that we, the consumer, can have a choice as to what we would like to pay for. In order to get the TV service I must purchase Basic cable to get + channels. Basic cable have a number of channels which I do not understand because I do not speak the language, and I do not watch nor interested in watching. Tell me why the consumer cannot have a choice ??? Yet, we have to pay for both Basic and Plus plus plus. NOT BY CHOICE AS IT IS THE CRTC WHO DICTATES, I AM PAYING FOR MANY MANY CHANNELS, BUTONLY USE MAYBE EIGHT (8). WE NEED A TV CABLE SERVICE WHICH PROVIDES ONLY THE CHANNELS THAT A HOUSEHOLD REQUIRES. I am tired of hearing about CRTC decisions for the consumers. We need to be able to choose and only pay for the channels we choose.

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  • Ds
      31st of Mar, 2012

    There are channels that are must carry for the providers by the CRTC and just because you don't watch it, doesn't mean it doesn't get watched by others.

    No provider anywhere in Canada or even in the US have true Pick & Pay channels.

    You can find info about it at Digital Home Canada

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  • In
      9th of Apr, 2012

    I kicked out rogers completely from my home in 2008.Since then, instead of cable I m using over the air HD TV antenna. getting msnbc, nbc, abc, fox my tv network, etc free of cost I m happy with that, for Internet and home phone I pay only $56 a month with all major cities in Canada free of cost, for cell phone I pay only $20 a month with all major cities in Canada free of cost.To save money we have to search other options. If any body need help can e-mail me at [protected]


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  • Ds
      10th of Apr, 2012

    Over The Air Channels are based on where you are located. Not everyone will get every channel. Some might only get CBC only and some might not even get that.

    Over the AIr info can also be found at Digital Home Canada at the link I posted above.

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