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I worked with for three months. During that time, I received minimal support from management, experienced significant delays on communication from management's end, and noted management's extreme tendency to avoid actual interpersonal communication like it was the plague.

The service absolutely is teeming with abusive students who are rude and disrespectful.'s management and so-called "mentors" will evade your grievances regarding aberrant student behavior, and chastise the tutor for not be able to "meet the student's needs" even when it's blatantly apparent that the student is $#*!ing around intentionally and getting a sophomoric enjoyment out of harassing and "trolling" the tutors.

I was terminated from for essentially no other reason than's management and "mentors" being incompetent and completely unresponsive to concerns and feedback provided by their tutors.

The only way I expect anyone could succeed with long-term is if one:
A. Has no life, no self-esteem or self-respect, and takes no pride in their work
B. Doesn't mind being abused by students who go out of their way to waste the tutor's time, and,
C. Doesn't mind when management ignores your concerns and then blames you for their inadequacies.

In other words, if you value your skills and expertise as a tutor, and take pride in your work, and expect the people you work for to be equally-invested and equally-responsive as you are ... then is NOT for you; don't waste your time.
If on the other hand, you're callous or ambivalent enough to not care when students abuse you, and you've got plenty of time to burn (no spouse, no kids, no pets, no responsibilities), and you don't mind a below-average paycheck while your organization reaps money hand-over-fist, then sure, give working for a try. Just don't come back and say I didn't warn you.

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  • Ha
      14th of Sep, 2015

    I have been with for a month and I constantly get support from my mentor. their whiteboard is great and I get lots of sessions. The pay is, however low.

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