Turnpike Tavern Liverpoolpoor service, missing food and attitude of staff

We went to the above yesterday for dinner. The pub was very busy.

My husband placed our food order, mine was for the chilli beef.

When our food was served the nachos weren't with the meal so my husband asked the waiter for them, assuming they'd been missed off. The waiter told him that there weren't any nachos left. So my husband said he wasn't informed when he ordered. The waiter told him he should have been, so my husband asked if I could have a naan bread in place of them, or anything similar, as the sour cream was with the meal. "No, we don't do anything like that" was his reply. He was short with my husband and rude and dismissive in his attitude.

Well, we'd paid for something that we didn't get. Had we known there were no nachos, I'd have ordered something different. As it happened, the meal was uninteresting and unappetising, so I left most of it and was left quite hungry.

A friend later told us that what made it worse, was that apparently the waiter was actually the manager!

We've been going to the Turnpike regularly for a number of years to meet our friends there. This isn't the welcome we've come to expect.

I'd like to receive your comments on the above.

Kind regards,

Mrs Pauline Clegg

Jul 26, 2018

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