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1 New York, Poughkeepsie, US

Lasy year I was in a automobile accident due to swearving to avoid hitting a deer that rean out of the woods and onto the Taconic Parkway. My vehicle was tataled, a small 2 door Honda Accord, and the roads were slipperly and wet. I was rendered unconscience when the NYS Police took me to Vassar hospitial and they took my blood without my consent. I never had an driver assment, but my attorney insisted I enroll into Turning Point... so I did. I have been attending the Intensive Out patient program for 6 months, and since all my UDS, and alcohocol samples came back, "clean" my CASAC worker dropped me down to the out Patient Program, Monday thru Friday (am to 11am. My UDS and alcocol have all nee clean, so she then dropped me down to once a week on Tuesdays from 1pm to 2:30pm, with a different male CASAC instructor. This is my first offense, no one got injured but me and I have paid all my Court fines, attended the NYS DDP Program, and paid in full for that, as well as the VIP class, and again, fully paid for that. All I have been asking for many months now is a letter, from either CASAC instructor, that I completed treatment at the Turning Point in Poughkeepsie, and that I am elilagable for a simple conditional license so I can get to my new job and back. I have asked both CASAC instructors for a letter, and for some reason, neither has written me one, so I could show the DDP instructor, and he can put me in the DMV, that I completed treatment, as well as all programs asked of me. For some inknown reason to me, the CASAC workers at the Turning point keep delaying this simple task, causing me fininacial hardship. I need this letter from them, as I need to insure and register my car. I am on food stamps, and medicaid, and I finally obtained a job, however I need to be able to drive it, for my livelyhood. I have never violated the 3 years probation I took as part of my plea, I attend CASAC groups, I have never gave a dirty UDS, I have paid all fines/surcharges, but for some reason, maybe it is an act of relation towards me, or something, but after 1 year of good behavior, no counserl seems to throw the buck and not write me a letter. I NEED TO PLEASE SUPPORT MYSELF.Please be so kind to help me out with this matter. My attorney is also faling to advocate for me on this matter. Thank you. Deana Perillo. [protected]

Nov 16, 2017

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