Turning Heads / Fraud

1 United States

I received the service of kinky twists from Ms. Keyshonda Kennedy on January 23rd. At the end of the process she took scissors and trimmed the excess weave from each twist. After a week and a half with them in my hair I decided to wash and condition them to keep my hair healthy. Upon inspecting my twists after washing my hair I noticed that my own natural hair was sticking out weirdly. I immediately untwisted my hair and a 5-6 inch clump had been cut and it fell out. I took several more down, and more hair came out along with the weave. I then texted Ms. Kennedy asking her to call me ASAP. When she did, I told her the situation, and she asked me to come back to the shop to take a look at the situation. I agreed, and told her I'd be there the next day. The next morning I sent her a very heartfelt text asking for a refund. She stated that she did not cut my hair, and she does not give refunds. I should at least get my money back because I will now have to get an unwanted haircut to even out the damage that she caused. My whole purpose for getting the extensions put in was to give my natural hair a break from heat and chemicals. The 2 years of healthy growth I got from maintaining good hair practices is now gone because of Ms. Kennedy's carelessness.


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