turkey sandwich and turkey salad / disapponted

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I was at your location on ulmerton in clear

I was at your store on ULMERTON CLEARWATER, My wife an i stopped for lunch .i ordered a turkey, apple pecan and blue cheese with mixed greens, I don't know what it was called, and my wife had a some kind of a turkey sandwich sandwich. W e both were very disappointed salad was more like a side salad and barely had any dressing making it have no taste . my wife also ordered a cream of chicken with wild rice, the soup had no wild rice in it . right after that they took it off the board . it is ok to run out but we should have been told . don't just serve some other soup . like we wouldn't notice it . now the sandwich on a large piece of bread cut in half wit some spread an no meat ? SO I TOLD MY WIFE to bring it to the cashier / sever attention she was told all of our sandwiches are pre-measured. I am in business a chef for a long time and under stand food cost. but this is a bit much it looked like 2 or -2 1/2 oz i always thought highly of your stores i go to the one on 4th st almost every day for lg coffee, pastry, bagel or bread . please tell me if i am being unreasonable. THANKS TOM KOCHEN 58yrs old


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