Turffbrands / Credit card theft

1 Plant City, FL, United States
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I ordered my signs from Brett malansen at turfbrands. This guy is a jerk. I found out he owns a company named plant it earth. He has been pulling my pesticide lawn flags and telling me that he owns my territory. Well any way I ordered signs from him in november and it took him 2 months to deliver to me. I drove to his office and come to find out he is my competitor and he farms out the printing to a printer and doubles the price to me. The signs we're terrible. They were all marked up like they were not dry and scratches and dots all in the signs. I rejected them and brett told me I was too picky. I did my own research and came to find out he owes his printer thousands of dollars and screwed him also. He also owes his chemical company 300, 000.00 and refuses to pay. This guy is a crook and a thief. I order my signs from r&d signs. Do not order anything from Brett melansen plant it earth or turfbrands. ###

Mar 24, 2013

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