Turbo Cooker / It doesn't work

1 United States

I purchased the Turbo Cooker from the TV ad when it first came out. I recieved 1 extra free Turbo Cooker ( so now I have 2 that are useless ), I also recieved 4 Recipe Cards, and NO Instructions. When I called to complain, and asked about the frozen meats, and how to cook them, they had NO Idea! After WASTING Food, and a lot of time I finally took The Turbo Cooker outside, and SMASHED it with an 8 pound Sledge Hammer. ( Did that ever feel good! ) I still have the second Turbo Cooker in the unopend box, IF ANYONE WANTS TO BUY IT FOR $ 20, plus shipping, I would sell it in a Heart Beat, what a Scam! I am probably going to Grow a plant in it, to bad there aren't any LEMON PLANTS! My advice is DON'T BUY ONE... EVER !!!


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