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Postal Attendant 08/14/09 9:30 am: I came in to mail a Box to my son in Iraq, looking for a box to mail items to him. I was the only person present. As I came up to the counter I started to ask about the boxes. He rudely and abruptly told me to wait till he was done with whatever he was doing. So I waited. When he was finished, I again asked about Boxes. He again acted like I had just asked him to do the worst popssible thing ever with a large attitude. The whole time I was in there his attitude did not change and made me feel so bad to even be there, I had to leave without finishing my Business there. I don't know if he just did not have his morning coffee, or he has actually gone Postal, but this is not how a civil servant is suppose to treat customers. My Husband wanted to go there to have3 a little chat with this man, but I thought it would be a bad idea since he is 220 pds at 6ft 4inches, he scares people easily. He was rude, disrespectful, loud, and should not be aloud to be a civil servant with an attitude as such.


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      Sep 03, 2014

    I have had a similar experience with Rudy at the Tumwater post office. Everytime I have delt with him, he has been more than rude.
    I was given attitude by all of my requests, which were simple...can I open a box here in Tumwater? He made me wait until he moved his "busy" sign. Another time I was in there, I had a large unexpected box and was on crutches. He stated "How are you going to get that out". And I said, well, I guess I'm gimp back to my car to find a bag. He did not offer to help and left my box on the counter as he went for his break. Today, I was there to add my childrens names to the mail box...he sihed and stated, "what is your box number? I went to my phone to verify my number, as it was in my notes...he then stated "WHy don't you quite playing with that and fill out this form!" WHAT? I'm also going to complain to the post master. He should not be working with the public.

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