Tule River Tribal CouncilDiscrimination Wrongful termination

I was terminated and was told that my termination was atwill. I never received any final warnings, write-ups. I have witnessed how bad this place treats employees. The employee handbook states that we can appeal a process but it's the actual ruling parting, council members who are responsible for the equality of mistreatment to all non tribal employees.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Porterville, CAIf they don't like you, you are harassed on facebook, email, hell when some tribal members were running for council this past January 2012 one of them stated on the flyer that " he promised, to get ride of non-tribal member employees!" I don't think customers are aware of thier wrong doing. The local newspapers do want to publish negative publicity against this tribe because they receive 'donations" . I will be sending letters to congress, president, 9th, 10th 11th circut to remove this freaken "sovern immunity" which many of these tribes take advantage of. they claim that they have a right to many benefits well, we all have a right to be treated with respect!!! NLRB will have a new case and so will the hispanic union!

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