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I thought this would be the best place to get an X-Ray of my pregnant close to term Olde English Bulldogge. Bulldogges are healthier and can whelp naturally but sometimes can have birthing issues do to their large heads. Basically if I Know from the ultra sound she has 8 puppies, if she has 6 and it looks like labor has stopped I know there is an issue and can bring her to the drs immediately.
Keep in mind that I have worked in a veterinary office as a tech, at an animal emergency facility, and a veterinary dermatology place before having kids.
I get there and am brought back for an ultrasound, the equipment is from 1980. The man maybe tried to put it on her belly while she was moving 3 times. Then he stopped and said she was never pregnant and has no puppies. She is clearly pregnant and a 4 yr old could tell she is late in her pregnancy. I was upset and told him I know she's pregnant and I just want to keep her safe. He then starts trying to up sell the visit by getting a blood test or by going in the back where there were more workers and state of the art equipment and they could restrain her or give her a relaxant. He had me sign a document of our visit together then turned around to put it in his briefcase but I could visibly see him right a few sentences in blue then photocopy it. I agreed he went in the back to privately talk to them and I waited and then we went into the back.

When I got into the room there were about 10 ppl all giggling, whispering, winking, then I heard the original guy With his back towards me say there are no puppies and giggle. They traumatically held my extremely pregnant dog down, for 5 minutes tops only looked in her bladder region and I could visibly see puppies. They said no, labeled a few things that looked like puppies heads and told me they were ovaries and her liver. There were 2 monitors, my 3 sons and I were looking at 1 of them. My youngest started clicking around w/the mouse and the 10 ppl started freaking out, I scolded him, he did it again and they grabbed the mouse and keyboard. I never saw what he put up bc I was scolding him. After a minute they grabbed her down and I asked if we could sedate her and ultrasound her middle area and her ribs. They refused said she wasn't pregnant. I asked to see pictures of what puppies look like . He pulled up a screen w/an ongoing list of pic after pic each labeled w/puppies age etc. He would only show me a select few and I said I saw that in her ultrasound. I said can I see the pups titled 55 gestation age he said no and clicked on one by accident and it showed a color pic of heat and other sensors and he told me what puppies look like in that mode. I asked why wouldn't we do that for Violet, they laughed and said there are no puppies. So I started to cry and said I just want to make sure she is safe can we sedate her and put her back up she was only on there for 5 minutes tops, of course they said no.

From there I went back w/the original person I met w/and he asked if I would want to do a blood test and some others to see if she was pregnant, I said no she is completely visibly pregnant. He brought over forms to go over pricing, he said 160$ for an office visit she never even had and 250$ for the ultrasound. It takes me a lot to speak up but I knew she was pregnant saw puppies and the guy says no she's not even pregnant or has puppies. My 3 boys who had previously gone through a tragic event and found hope and happiness through this were all crying w/tears running down there face.
I told him there is no way I am paying for a 5 minute ultrasound that was unprofessional and that they refused to actually do their job and service. I said "I will only pay for that if they do a more thorough examination where she is sedated and they put it into the color heat type mode that they do for other people paying for this service. I also said I would like a video of this ultrasound and will pay extra for it." He said I will go back and ask them. They completely refused. Even with me refusing to pay and their vulture like sales approach, they would not do it. They were doing nothing else and it was extremely odd.
When the man came back I was crying and told him I just wanted to protect my dog. They could have sedated her to be thorough and they refused.

Here is the kicker and the best part, he then says we wouldn't want to do that. I asked why not?

"Sedation can be harmful, and we wouldn't want to hurt her puppies in her womb"
You told me she didn't have puppies so why wouldn't we just do it to be cautious? There are no puppies.
He went back to tell me the prices and I said I received no services today and was being laughed at whispered about etc. If you all want to do your jobs I'll pay it otherwise I'm done. Then got up and left. My 3 boys cried in the car.

My oldest son looked up and said you know how we pressed the button twice by accident the color mode came up and I could see 3-4 of the spots he said later on while talking to you were pups. My other two sons said they also saw the color mode with the same pup pattern.
So disgusted, I know everyone hates ppl that breed their dogs but normally ppl in this business still care about the dogs and are animal lovers. I've worked in 3 veterinary offices and have never seen something so vile.

Feb 21, 2014
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  • Cz
      17th of Feb, 2015

    They were the only bright spot in the loss of our pet dog yesterday. Thank you for all you did.

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