Tsawwassen Mills showcasemanager

Tsawwassen mills showcase, ... worst experience ever! The Manager that works there is beyond rude and disrespectful, she has an arrogant, demeaning and condescending attitude . Completely unprofessional and should absolutely NOT have a job in any position especially as manager. We bought an item that had a defective DVD, b/c it was a few days over the 30 day "exchange policy" they refused to do anything for me. The item was a gift and we hadn't had the time to try out the DVD yet. (When it didn't work we actually purchased a new tv with DVD player as we were having troubles with the last one & thought maybe it was the tv...which we explained to her.) Any reasonable person could appreciate that, any professional person would go out of the way to make the customer happy, when ALL that was being asked was an exchange of the DVD that explained how the product worked!! ( the defective one would be returned to the manufacture). Instead we had to buy another product in order to switch out the DVD . I will never shop at any showcase store again, especially the Tsawwassen mills one, I have since googled the store and at best it receives a one star with most saying they wouldn't even give it a one. Time to do something to educate your employees and managers in showing respect and good customer service. Try to be reasonable with certain extenuating situations.

Jul 25, 2018

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