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TSA / Transportation Security Administration / Cheating on Job Interviews and discrimination at TSA!

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TSA | Transportation Security Administration -

I had been with TSA going on 6 years as a Transportation Security Officer. I was having a lot of pain in my neck and right shoulder when I found out I had to transfer to another airport because my husband was being transferred with his job. At the new airport which was a lot smaller than the one I came from, the supervisor immediately gave me "problems" hassling me about being on "Limited Duty" due to pain in my shoulder dismissing the fact I regularly brought doctor notes and was on Workmans Comp. I was on Limited Duty for several mos. I was told that I could stay at this position indefinitely on Limited Duty. Meanwhile my co-workers talked about me (snide remarks) like "I just don't want to work" and I might as well quit" and there was a "negative atmosphere" towards me. I left TSA and Federal service with all it's great benefits for a lower paying job with NO benefits just to get out of this crappy situation. Also discrimination goes on with promotion interviews as I saw a Screening Mgr. whispering to a TSO in the hall before an interview for a supervisor position... low and behold! She got the job! What a surprise! TSA is back breaking work as I am still in pain with my neck and back mos. after leaving there. Management shows favoritism and evidently just promotes who they want. It doesn't matter how hard you work there. Also you have to be available to work any shift when you get hired after that you bid for a shift and days off. Might as well work in a factory!

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  • Lo
      10th of Nov, 2007

    And you are surprised? Many corporate america jobs are like that. However, it is probably better that you left TSA anyway. TSA is purely rude to passengers and take advantage when they can. I recently had an item taken away from me, which I new was a legal item to have, only to see the TSA agent pocket it. When I complained, of course they defended there own and gave me this overwhelming story, basically insulting my intelligence. Most of them are cowards with little to no social skills. They have this "You can touch me cause I am a TSA agent" attitude and feel they can get away with being rude. For integrity reasons, if anything else, your departure from TSA will most likely gain you some respect.

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  • Cc
      29th of Jul, 2008

    All TSA will eventually be outsourced to Lockheed Martin. They currently are subcontracted out to handle their TWIC program. If you thought the TSA Stautsee (see Nazi) at airports were rude and stupid - Lockheed Martin picked up those that could not even meet TSA's low requirements. TSA must be a "Lower Circle of Hell" type of job for anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence. Good on you for leaving - your intelligence quotent just went up 20%.

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  • Li
      4th of May, 2009

    I am sorry you had a bad experience with TSA, that sucks. Fortunately for TSA, nice things have finally come around the corner, and for those dumb employees who are trying to be sneaky, they are on their way out the door if they don't change. Same goes with all the other nasty stuff that goes on behind doors. Finito!

    I hope you will consider coming back.

    TSA is here to stay! (hey, that rhymed!)

    Currently a TSA agent, and love my job. Fly through Seattle, you'll meet the nicest officers you'll ever know! We've ranked number 1 in customer service!

    Go TSA, GO!

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  • Au
      15th of Aug, 2009

    Thats a damn shame. I have been told by TONS of passengers flying through PBI... that NY had some of the nasiest TSO's working there. We were always complimented on our customer service...

    Sucks these certain airports give us all a bad wrap...

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  • Ci
      3rd of May, 2010

    Let me say that at TSA there are some good people however many just the opposite. As a former contractor that blew the whistle on a COTR who was replaced by a new COTR that came with an attitude by the way. This COTR has a long history of problems with people and had been re assigned due to problems. To keep this short, the new COTR told me I would never make a Fed and if she had her way and she would fire me given the chance!!! Being the only one brought back under a new contract kind a made it a hurdle at the time. She got her for something that happened that had nothing to do with the Agency but involved a TSA Fed. When I did apply for a Fed Position I was passed over while not getting a Disabled Veteran Preference even thou the Hireling Authority new I was a !0 point Vet as did the Director. I have confirmation of receipt of ALL NEEDED DOCUMENTS showing they were received prior to the closing date. Any way I know feel we have we have a Government of People for the Government not a Government by the people for the People. The stories I have could tell would make some sick.

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