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The job details were on Craig's List, here is what I received in an email, thanks for your help.

Hi there and thank you for your response. My name is Monica Luci and I am the hiring manager here at TS Processors, headquartered in downtown. We have been in business for 4 years now and growing strong which is the reason we are looking to hiring some new help. At this time we still have 2 full time and 3 part time positions left. To tell you a few descriptions of this job, you still have the choice for part time or full time, you will be earning from $200-$600 a week, and I will provide complete online training. To qualify for this position the fallowing must apply:
Computer with Internet and Email access
Basic Typing Skills
Basic Internet Knowledge
Set up a PayPal account.

This is not telemarketing. No phone work required. You will be processing orders for my business that will be emailed to you. For ever order that you process (which takes anywhere from 40min to 1 hr) you will get paid from $15- 20 a piece. You will know what the compensation is for every order before you process it, and it will be up to you which ones you choose to accept. All your specific questions will be answered in the training materials including contact info if for any reasons you have more questions. There is no contract to sign, yet as with any job, you must be willing to work hard and try to respond to the orders in a timely manner. Even though no experience is required, I'm seeking only self-motivated people with the desire to work in this field.
You will be paid from $15-$20 for each entry you process. For
example, if you process 25 entries in a week you make $500 weekly.
Now this will depend upon the position you are applying for. You will be responsible for keeping track of your earnings for tax time as I do not take out any taxes or provide you with a 1099 form.
The training materials you receive will give you step-by-step instructions
on how to get started immediately. When you receive your training materials
you can choose to begin working on the same day. No special software is
required for this position.
Method of Payment:
You will receive your compensation to your PayPal account.
You are not going to be paid weekly, you will be paid for each order
that you process. There is a ONE-TIME only, non-refundable fee of $28.00.
This cost will cover the training materials sent to you. Once you process
your very first order, you will have made back almost all of this fee. Please understand
that as much as I would like not to charge this small processing fee, we
must protect ourselves from those who are not serious about this work. No
business can afford to cover administrative cost, wasted time or provide
costly materials to everyone who inquires about this position. The Training
Materials will automatically be sent to your e-mail after your payment is
received through PayPal, you can then get started right away. If you do not have a PayPal
account click on the link below and create your account, so
you can get paid for your work and purchase your training materials to get started.
Please notify me when you have made the payment, so i can be sure the training
materials were sent. Please send your payment through PayPal to my PayPal account address: [protected]


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