SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / a company using 5 star program for allstate agents in va, md, me, ma, ny, fl, tx, co, ut, ca, nj


I hope you are doing great today. We were the one who set appointment regarding the offer on how to establish reviews in google, yelp and facebook via Localpage Company owned by Mr. Tua Lino.

Prior of agents signing up - We have been receiving tons of complaints from Allstate Agents as well who signed up with the service and that makes us decide to assess further whether we will continue with our work with this Company (who we believe have been using 5 Star Program from Allstate to get past gatekeepers and present the offer in a bit deceitful manner).

The owner who we can say have used us as appointment setters didn't pay our salary and have message us with racist comments that is morally unacceptable. The exchange of messages may be made available upon your request. Despite
explaining our current situation with us taking care of an 81 year old ill grandma he manage to threaten us that you will never listen to our sentiments and dramas as he was pointing out that we live in a poor third world country. With your kind request we have screenshot to prove our claim. Mr. Lino have been using Miss Chris Payne Stafford VA who we already advised to get rid of this company as a reference to penetrate to other agents in Allstate. He also uses the Allstate Agent named Joyce Bennett in SC who we believe a fictitious person and not an Allstate Agent. There was even an instance when he said to us that if it is impossible client just hang up the phone without any courtesy close and that makes us wonder if he is really
running a legitimate business.

I know it is hard for you to believe since we live in the third world country as what Mr.Lino claims. I know God will guide us to get straight to you to help us out with this guy to pay us with our salary and to honestly ask about your current traffic reviews if it is really doing well. He seems up to make fabricated stories but then again we have our screenshot as a strong proof of his unbecoming behavior.

Mr. Tua Lino's number is : [protected]

I also screenshot the reviews you have online as a sufficient proof of inadequate service of increasing traffic. I hope allstate will look after this

Joseph & Ryan
Former Localpage Appointment Setters

Jun 10, 2018

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