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I sent for a trai jar and paid 7.78 post and I got a rash from the cream then I sent a email and I recive a other jar so I email them they said send it back so I did it been 6 months and they said they put 97 dollars in my account but that was a lie so I got on again then they said they were sorry but they could not put money in my account can they have a pay pal email address I sent that then pay pal said that some one was trying to get in to my account so I rang pay pal up and change every all my pass words on the 23.3.2016 their was 83.70 cent on the 7.4.2016 €87.56 and I have all the emiles they sent I and at my wits end as I need my money back this is disgraceful can you help me please Barbara Donohoe


Aug 04, 2016

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