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Okay. Now this annoyed me really bad.
I just got the 1 gig mp3 from TruTech and was happy because its an MP3 and my family is poor, so getting anything at all for Christmas is unusual. Spent about 2 hours getting rid of songs until I could fit all the songs I liked a lot onto the small little 1 gig device. So I hooked it up to my computer ready to put all my favorite songs on it. What happens? it doesn't read it, the thing doesn't turn on. So I play with the cord for a while until I find a spot where if I hold the cord right it will read and turn on with my comp. Then my computer starts to read it and says it is downloading software. When its done it says that no software can be found. I look around the internet for about an hour and there is no software to download for the stupid device. It just doesn't work. about 10 minutes later I find it doesn't even work on vista. So I thought about downgrading to find that there are even thousands of complaints for it not working on an XP as well as vista.
All around, this is the cheapest piece of crap device you could possibly get. I would be happier getting a friggin candy bar for christmas than this piece of crap.
If anyone is thinking about getting anything for christmas, get whatever you want. But I advise you get anything but this product!
If you buy it, it will be a waste of time and money. You can't return it because you have to completely destroy its container to get the damn thing open so you can find out exactly how it does not work.
To the idiots who made this product... good ###ing scam ###s.

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  • Ja
      Apr 15, 2008
    trutech mp3 - defective
    United States

    i got a trutech mp3 player and it sucks, it worked for two days, now it won't play, it says flash error format the player, format to what? it should play mp3s and wma files, it says on front of it, mp3 and wma player, TRUTECH TRUSUCKS

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