Trueworths Manzinicustomer service rendered


I was in there store with a friend, he was buying some stuff for himself, the customer service rendered was really bad. I don't know really what they perceive, maybe potential shoplifters. They can suspect that, but following you every step you take, not that cannot happen. I waned to buy but I told my friend no I cant, the environment is very hostile. Eventually I had to decide I am not touching anything because the staff communicated to each other to keep an eye on us and some police officers too. Fortunately my friend had an account with your company, had no alternative, he had to buy, my situation is really different, I have been to Trueworths Mbabane, I haven't seen that, the experience, never ever get into that store (Manzini) if staff can do that to potential customers

Nov 22, 2018

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