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I moved and swiched to optimum. When i asked about email forwarding they said they use trueswitch. So i used it, only problem is that the trueswitch program doesn't work at all. My emails were never forwarded at all. When i triedto contact their support i got connected to so bogus place i India were they only recited to me canned lined about how the pogram was supposed to work. When i repeatedly complained their progra didn't work, they did not know what to do, they didn't understad at all, and they were completely useless in helping me. Now i have no email because of optimum and trueswitch's refusal to talk to me to correct this. Do not use optimums online service unless you don't want email then its perfect for you. Optimum and trueswitch are scam rtists only concerned with selling, not fixing their mistakes.

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  • Li
      Apr 21, 2010

    The ISPs do not appear to be the problem. It is Trueswitch. I switched to Verizon from Optimum, and Trueswitch's performance was abyssmal. It brought over only one folder name (out of 20) and did not populate it with any stored emails. 3 years worth of stored emails are lost. It brought over only 142 out of 900+ current emails. It has not forwarded a single email from Optimum to my new Verizon inbox. As an experiment, I then opened an email acct. at MSN, and actually paid $20 to see what Trueswitch could do in switching my email from Optimum to Hotmail. In this instance, it brought over all my current email, but without its original date of receipt. It brought over folder names, but none of the emails stored in those folders. And again, not a single email has been forwarded to the new Hotmail inbox. Although the move to Verizon was free with my service, for the Hotmail switch I paid $20 for a truly useless service. After repeatedly calling a number my ISP gave me, Trueswitch does not answer, and asks me to leave a message, whereupon there is no beep signal to even record my message. I recommend that this company be called "TRUESCAM." --Lisa

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  • Ni
      Mar 22, 2011

    My Verizon email is gone forever. Thanks Optimum!!!

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  • Te
      Mar 19, 2013

    I switched cable companies from Cox to Verizon, and Verizon told me to use to forward emails to my Cox address to my new address. I paid $29.99 because TrueSwitch does not support forwarding Cox emails. However, no one at Verizon or True Switch told me that once my old cable company (Cox) was cancelled, the service does not work. I had Verizon install my service on Wednesday, and cancelled my Cox Cable service on Saturday, so I only received 3 days of service. THERE IS NO REFUND from -- so beware - unless you want to pay an extra month at your old cable company, do not use!

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