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This company posts as selling and back 100% authentic products. Their jeans are far from authentic, and are horrible knockoffs. They are nowhere near the size you want and only have one style, yet offer many styles on their webpages. They also offer returns. Well I have been fighting for a week now and not only will they not accept my return I am being offered a slap in the face for two pair of crapy looking jeans that nowhere near fit me. They will not provide me with a return address as their items "come from different areas with no address"...apparently they drop out of the sky! They also indicate it is in offering $60 USD when they not only over charged me but charged in Cdn which is higher than USD...they even offered GB at one point so the person "ARmy Lee" is not on the ball at all and sways back and forth...offers some customers more refund for one pair - without sending the crap back...totally unrealistic to deal with and not worth the hassle of shopping on their crappy FAKE Website. I find it hard to believe nobody else has returned their junk which is what they told me...good luck if you shop there.

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