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I basically placed an order which was the order for the free trial which u only have to pay £4 for the shipping and so I was like okay fair enough I'll pay the shipping however instead only charging me £4 they charged me £99.99 as I went to the bank and it said this amount is pending so then today when I went again the bank had told me that the amount has been taken out from the company which was £99.99 it's ridiculous how they try to fool people by saying it's a free trial then I told the bank that this is a fraud as I only payed £4 for the shipping not £99.99 and the bank then sorted the matter as they will refund it back to my account and the bank said they will investigate I couldn't believe my eyes as I cancelled the order immediately after like 5 minutes when the order was placed and the company emailed me saying your order has been cancelled but then today they emailed me that your product has been shipped so u have to send it back in order for them to give a full refund definitely something wrong as I already cancelled the order and they said it's been cancelled but at the same time they say that the order has been shipped this company is a scam and they fool people watch out before you loose your money

Dec 22, 2015

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