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truckaddicts.com / child pornography

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my first complaint is i couldnt find how to complain to google! i have spent 2hrs to get to here. why i wanted to complain is i was searching google for nero 8 and up came this site advertising girls 8-12 nude! i thought there were laws about sites like this operating and if there are i want something done about it! signed, concerned mother


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  30th of Nov, 2008
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Concerned Mother,

The F.B.I has fake websites like these set up in the U.S and in other countries to find predators and people who voluntarily download child porn. Once they put in their credit card info thats how they find the criminal. Remember about 5 years ago when Pete Townsend of the band "The Who" got caught? He was caught this way. Maybe this is why google has never done anything about it. Famous attorney Dominic Barbera even mentioned this on the Howard Stern Show a few years back when Townsend was arrested. I hope this comment won't hurt our government in finding these ### low-life predators, but maybe now you won't worry so much.
  7th of Apr, 2009
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its sicking
  6th of Jun, 2009
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Here are a couple ideas to contact Google and get their attention:

1) Email their press office (stating you readily found child pornography on one of thier searches should get their attention and with any luck, will at least route it to someone in the company who can get something done): press@google.com

2) Report it as phishing (they don't like this b/c it makes them look vulnerable to fraud and they WILL investigate it. They also have the ability to pull sites from their search engine):

3) Use Google's Webpage Removal Tool (must have a gmail acct or sign up for one, however):

Lastly, I have worked for and with the FBI, including internet operations. They would not post something so obvious as this in a sting operation. Most child predators are smart enough not to type in "child porn" and click on the first thing that shows up on a Google search. It is all black market, extremely clandestine operations.

Best of luck.
  3rd of Jan, 2010
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call the complain line : (800)IM-A-DUMBASS. They will help you over there.

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