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News Release

For Immediate Release - Truck Lease Services & Crowley incident report

Savannah, GA, June 23, 2011 - This news release is to provide evidence of prior incidents that Truck Lease Services and Crowley knowingly allowed to continue. When someone gets hurt in a future incident, this news release will allow the victim or victim’s family to establish that Truck Lease Services & Crowley knowingly and intentionally allowed their driver to get back on the road after a severe road rage incident that involved brushing a SUV with a family of 3 including a 2 year old child in a car seat off the road.

Basically what happened is I was driving in the left lane on I-95 south in South Carolina near mile marker 74 on 6-15-11 around 2:30 PM . I was in a SUV with my wife and 2 year old daughter in the back seat. I was pulling a small white enclosed trailer. There was a truck in the right lane that I was passing. When I got to within about 12 inches of the rear of the truck, he abruptly swerved into my lane with no notice or blinker almost hitting my front end. After he passed and pulled back into the right lane, I pulled up next to him and shot him a bird. I went on my way and thought it was over.

About 5 minutes later, I was in the right lane and he pulled up to me and brushed me off the road by swerving into the right lane with his truck about 3 feet. I had to quickly pull off onto the shoulder to avoid an accident. That was absolutely uncalled for and, needless to say, I was mad. I wanted him to pull over at that point, so I pulled in front of him in the left lane. I quickly realized, he was in an extreme state of rage and was trying to run me over. So I pulled back to the right lane to avoid him rear ending me. That’s when he tried the brush off maneuver again. This time I did not see it and he actually hit me in the left tire of the trailer I was towing. He ripped the fender off and flattened the tire and bent the axle. Luckily, that’s all that happened - it could have been a lot worse as you can imagine with my family in the car.

After telling this story to both Truck Lease Services and Crowley, they did absolutely nothing about the incident and refused to pay me for the damages. Crowley is the company who hired Truck Lease Services to transport their cargo.

Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office case # [protected]
Crowley Booking # CAT538796 ( Contact: Joy Sargent-Smith [protected]
Cargo # CMCU553847-9
Truck Lease Services - Wanda Butner, President [protected] (
Driver Name - Lacy Edward Downing - 25 Norton St Winston Salem, NC 27107
Insurance Company - Westfield Insurance - Kyle Seymour [protected]


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