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Truck / It certainly isn't customer friendly

1 United States

This business apparently works in conjunction with auto and truck accessory warehouse businesses throughout the country to distribute the products they list on their website. I recently bought a bumper guard for my H3 from them that came to me damaged. I contacted the people at Truck Add Ons as soon as I noticed the damage. There is no one person listed on their website to contact so I wrote to the salesman. I was told that I should contact the freight company first because it was probably their fault. When I did this, the freight company wanted to know the cost of the merchandise in question and an invoice verifying the value of the bumper guard. Since I didn’t receive an invoice from either Truck Add Ons, Trailblazers or the warehouse (Keystone Automotive), I again wrote to Truck Add Ons and requested an invoice so that I could file my claim with the freight company. I didn’t like the fact that I had to do this because I didn’t really feel the freight company was at fault because the damage was under the factory protective wrapping and it did not correspond to any external signs of shipping carton abuse. After at least three emails to different people at the retailer’s, and a salesman who outright lied to me about talking to me about the matter, they finally sent me an invoice via email. It was the size of a postage stamp and barely legible. I was livid. I am somewhat computer savvy so I was able to take the file into a program and blow it up only to find areas that had been blacked out. I submitted it to the freight company anyway to complete my claim but I also reiterated that I didn’t think they were to blame for the reasons stated earlier. During the fight to obtain an invoice, I made the statement that I was going to contact the Better Business Bureau and report their indifference to my request which they said had every right to do; so I did. Since that time I have received letters from both the BBB and the freight company. The freight company denied my claim because their investigation could not see how the damage was their fault since it was under the original factory protective wrapping and it did not correspond with any carton damage. Obviously the only investigation the freight company performed was to read the claim I submitted stating I didn’t feel they were culpable. I also got a letter from the BBB stating that Trail Blazers had not responded to their inquiry about my complaint so they were going to close my complaint noting that they didn’t respond but realizing that sometimes companies contact the consumers directly and don’t let them know. Well, guess who never responded? I emailed them again informing them that the freight company had denied my claim and rightfully so. I asked what was going to happen next about my damaged bumper guard and I have yet to hear from them. Last but not least and I hesitate to mention it except that since I find I can’t trust this company I feel I must, they don’t include the freight in their grand total purchase price on the web. I found this out because I use a web protected credit card account and I only authorized the amount on the web invoice. When I didn’t receive the bumper guard for approximately 5 weeks, I inquired about its status. The salesman told me that the credit card wouldn’t allow him to charge the full amount it only allowed him to charge $200.00 which I thought strange because I had authorized $362.90, the amount on the shopping cart invoice. He told me this happens sometimes and he would try again. Eventually, I had to authorize a balance to have them ship my bumper guard. After I had a chance to review my credit card account, I found that I was finally charged $461.90 for my purchase. When I inquired I was told that there is a blurb in red letters on their website that states there will be a $99. shipping charge on all grill guards. Well, there is but you don’t have to access that page to view or order the bumper guard. I hesitated to mention this part because I should have looked a little closer before I ordered but as I told them, I have had nothing but positive experiences purchasing over the web before I ran into them. I just want to have a forum where people can see the type of business practices this company utilizes and let them decide if it is ethical. It certainly isn’t customer friendly.


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