Troy Alan BuickFraud

To whom it may concearn! I was a dealership employee at Troy Alan Buick in Kittanning PA. I had sold at least 5 vehicles that were not reported in my name. I have proof of one for sure, when I went and asked my manager how this had happened she told me it must have been a mistake, but my name was written down and then scratched off and another salesperson name was written in. the next day I went in to give my manager my two weeks notice and she said I don't need them, give me your keys and leave.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Kittanning, PA I believe I should get paid my two weeks and my SFE payout for that month. never received commission slips or anything verifying the pay that I was to receive. very frustrated they would do this too me. Ultimately I lost over 4300 dollars in bonus payouts. They are just a Buick Dealership and were selling Brand new GMC'S out of their store and if you don't believe me I have proof. What they did to me is ridiculous and I want to let other dealerships know what kind of person Christine Sepich is!!! there BAC is 160721 Can anyone help me???

Feb 09, 2015

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