Tropical Fish FoodCheckstand delays


I go into this store periodically for convenient single item purchases, be it dental floss, a hose connector, or as today to buy tropical fish food. When I walk in I always see your department personnel busily working, pricing, shelving, etc and usually when I need something I go to the prescribed area and search it out as no one ever seems to be in the department I'm in, but your displays are people friendly and I usually find what I want, make my selection and then proceed to the checkstands. Oh, those dreaded check stands, I expect to wait in line, no doubt, as trying to pay for my selection is a whole new hurdle, I have to purposely become patient as I know that surely a price check will be requested and my wait will be prolonged. Without a moments hesitation I must tell you that this stores checkout lines are the worst, with only one checkstand open and 8 other registers standing like parked cars in an underground garage. Now, I must confess, the store is immaculate, the shelves are full and pricing I believe is very competitive, but trying to get out of there with your selection requires more time than was required to seek and find the sought after item. You know, its always been that way, the checkstand personnel seem to function at a reduced pace, moving slowly and deliberately without seemenly regard for the poor time challenged customers waiting patiently and anxiously in line. Occasionally one will call for another checkstand to open and after some deliberation they will open. Whenever I make the move to the other checkstand, then invariably the odd person noticed no waiting and walked up before I could reach it and of course they must secure a price check, thus further delaying my purchase. Keep heart though you wonderfully gifted executives of K-MART, as you win first place in unnecessary delay in my insignificant opinion, it must be good to at least be first at something. Please note, your personnel are courteous and seem to be locals from the neighborhood, but at 1:07 pm I suspect many are lunch filled and not able to move quickly, surely of physiological orgin only...Reticent in Riverside, Receipt # [protected]

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