Trnspac Property Managment Co./HOA / HandiCap Parking home owners issues

1 Cypress or Cerritos CA, CA, United States

We live in a gated community (individual homes) not allowed to use our HandiCap Parking Permit, paper work issued by the CA, DMV states that, IF REGULAR PERMITS ARE ALLOWED, HANDICAP PERMITS ARE ALSO AS GOOD. It STATES ON OUR PERMIT. Our Board/Property Mgmt., Transpac. Managment in Cerritos, CA statedto us they are thinking of ruling against the Handicap Permits.
We have CCR's that state not one word that we are not allowed to park in front of our own home. CCR's state that two cars in garage, two in driveway before they will issue any parking permit, car must be completely in driveway and not touching garage door. We have 4 cars. I explained to the Board /Property Mgr. that I take care of my 92 year old mother who lives 13 mi. from me and I get called all hrs. of day/night. NO PERMIT! YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES OR YOUR CARS WILL BE TOWED. MY HUSBAND HAD 7 BYPASS SURGERY AND I HAVE ON GOING BACK PAIN ANDF MUST OPEN CAR DOOR ALL THE WAY. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE IN OUR GARAGE. NO AGAIN! I WAS ACCUSED OF USING MY HANDICAP PERMIT FOR "CONVENIENCE" PLUS WANT ALL MEDICAL INFORMATION FROM US. NO! THIS IS P R I V A T E MEDICL INFORMATION. WE had to hire an atty. to handle our parking issues. To date they approached us and asked for documentation of why we need a regular Parking Permit and dismiss the HandiCap Parking Permit, and will put forth for a vote. Reply we want a regualar parking and leave OUR HANDICAP PARKING PERMIT ALONE. IT IS THE L A W!

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