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I was recently looking at my checking account online and noticed a number of charges that i didn't recognize or authorize. When i tried going to these sites to see what they were i found out nothing.
The transactions are as follows.
37.19 1/05/09
49.47 1/01/09
5.00 1/01/09
39.97 1/01/09
I want my money back. Please help.
Reyna Moyer

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  • Aw
      11th of Jan, 2009
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    I just had one charge on my account on 01/09/09 related to for $54.47. I called my bank (USBank) and filed a dispute with fraud department. I will should get my money back (I've been through this once before) but at least the dispute will prevent anymore charges from going through. Good luck and hope you have learned your lesson like me! In my case this was a site that needed to 'verify' my age and promised they wouldn't take out more than the specified amount...don't believe it.

  • Ca
      13th of Jan, 2009
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    I'm going thro the same type of problems with a tube 4 free. com. They charged me twice for 49.47 membership at I have to call and complain and they finally refunded one of the charges but not the other. And then today, a withdraw of 39.97 for a Appartently the 49.97 is for a membership which if you dont cancel in 72 hours, u are charged the 49.47, which i had to dig for hours to find this out and they do not notify u of these charges on their website, nor do they state that you have one day to cancel or your card is charged. I have still yet to figure out what the $39.97 is for at the If anyone has any advice on what to do where i dont have random charges applied to my account please let me know. If i reported my card stolen can they still withdraw from my account? But these websites are dangerous and have learned not to give out my info to these money hungry dirt bags.

  • A0
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    I just got a charge of $39.97 from that I did not authorize. I'm going to the FBI with my complaint because they are cracking down on Internet fraud. When I called the telephone number I was told that I had reached the answering service. In the middle of the afternoon? Obvious B.S. It will be easy for the federal authorities to recognize that this is a complete scam operation. If enough people file complaints a proper investigation will be made.

  • Jd
      15th of Jan, 2009
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    Yeah, I just got charges in the amounts of $49.87, $45.29, and $40.29. Just spent the last half hour calling companies and saying that I didn't authorize the charges and even had one lady at the last company tell me that I need to be more careful online and read the terms and conditions of everything. I'm not stupid, lady, but seriously. They told me that all of the funds would come back to me, but it would be a few days, like 5-7 and be back on my debit card (thankfully it's a debit card or it would take a few billing cycles) but I guess we'll see what happens. aooo8oo2, you should let me know what they say, I would be very interested to know.

    Most of the time I will take companies that say they need to verify my age with a grain of salt and let them have my $20-30 that they take out, but when it's been sent to 3 different companies and it adds up to over $130.00 I'm going to get cranky.

    Another interesting thing that I was told by was that they could only pass along the information and couldn't cancel the account or do anything with the credit, but they took my information and sent it to the correct person. Strange to me, but if I don't hear anything back in a couple of days, then it'll be going to my bank's fraud department.

  • Kp
      22nd of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes is the site the the is through. I was able to get a hold of them, but they cannot refund the $39.97 through the creditor but the merchant has to. I have never been on this site, but somehow incurred this charge from another site that already charged me $49.47. They did refund the $49.47 charge, but the site apparently shared the information without my knowledge or authorization and is charging me another $40. The number needed to call to get the $39.97 charge taken care of is: 866-774-1305.
    I cancelled my membership within the day period that I had and was told that I would not be charged and yet here I am fighting to get back the money that should have never been taken from me in the first place. I only knew that they were charging me because of VISA calling and asking if it was my charge.

    Hope this information helps someone else to fix this obvious problem these people have. I will post more information when I recieve it.

  • Md
      18th of Feb, 2009
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    got the 39.97 and 49.47 charges too, just found out about them, weird how they got my info, if i never gave it to them...

  • Ma
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    just found same on my account, capital one refuse to cancel them until I fill out a stupid form so will keep costing me money until it is investigated.

  • Bi
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    I had two charges over the weekend fromk two online sites in KY and was not even online over the weekend. Visa and my bank actually called me first to report the issue. Bottom line here is that the charges will be removed in about 10-15 business days and they cancel your debit card so you are without one for at least a week. The two sites werePay-jbwm for 44.93 andGMVBILL.Com for 49.47...we all have to start being extremely careful with online access with our cards,

  • St
      3rd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just moved with no internet and got charged 10.00 to my account on 3-2-09. My internet was restored today 3-3-09.

  • Rb
      5th of May, 2010
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    i am pissed off, i've been on the phone all morning with these stupid web site people im tired of paying for this crap and dont even know what the hell im paying for, i did get refunded from a couple of them but not from two others . listen we have to be more carefull with our credit cards for all i know my stupid ex -boyfriend got ahold of it and the pervert that he is started ordering off those stupid pornsites, i cant even find what i paid for

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