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Dear Hertz,

I do not complain easily and this is actually the first corporate complaint in my life. When we rented a car in Montreal, Canada two tires blew. When we replaced them at the Garage Andre St. Laurent in Matane we were advised that the original tires must have been replaced previously with winter tires. These winter tires are used on snowy roads in winter but were still installed on the car in August 2016 when we rented it. The winter tires were worn, without grip and profile. This negligence jeopardized the lives and the safety of my three kids and my wife and I find that unacceptable. A rental car should be roadworthy. Since defect tires are one of most frequent technical reasons for fatal accidents special diligence should be applied by Hertz technical team when the cars are returned and maintained. The lack of proper maintenance was underscored by the fact that some standard maintenance on the car was apparently overdue as evidenced by a red light on the display screen in the car during our trip. We called the road assistance team of Hertz and we were quoted a rather expensive fee for help as blown tires are not covered by the full insurance package we went for. No time estimate was given for the road assistance. After an hour we cancelled the road assistance and we paid 50 Canadian dollars to four teenagers who drove past and who helped replace the first blown tire. They also said that the tires were unsafe and advised that we should replace the second front tire immediately. Shortly before reaching the garage the second tire blew. Hertz paid the invoice of the garage (288 Canadian dollars for two new tires, the installation costs and the balancing of the tires) but we did not get any other reimbursement of our costs. We estimate that we lost 6 hours in total over this. We spent hours on the telephone (expensive international calls on my European mobile phone). The staff was nice on the telephone but they clearly had to follow internal policies and procedures that appeared to be inefficient. The lack of inefficient procedures were underscored by the fact that no child seat was available when we picked up the car although we had ordered one a day in advance. The seat had to be brought in from the airport by the Hertz delivery team and nobody could explain how the seat was meant to be installed. Almost half a year has passed now and normally I would just forget about the bad experience but I have to admit that I am still angry. In addition, I have no confidence that all snow tires will be replaced with normal tires by the Hertz technical team after this winter 2017 and I am almost certain that this standard matter does not appear on your technical check lists so that my complaint may help protect your customers going forward.


Jan Bosak
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Rental from 1 August 2016 to 13 August 2016

Jan 31, 2017

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