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Triumph Telecom Systems / Fraud and lies

1 16000 West Nine Mile RoadSouthfield, MI, United States
Contact information:

Mr. Sameer Gupta is a very smooth individual in business. He is so smooth that he could probably ask you to rob a bank and you would do it!! Most people are drawn in by his passion, but 'snap out of it' in a relevantly moderate timeframe. Most business people are sincere and value the people that they hire. Sameer only looks out for himself and is willing to say and do whatever it takes to propel himself to financial prosperity; I'll give you 40% commission per client and a week later drop it to 10%.

The problem with his organization (Triumph Telecom Systems, Southfield, MI) is not what it stands for. Saving people money on their telecommunications bills is inspiring and inviting. The problem is that Mr. Gupta tells everyone, one thing to 'reel' you in, and changes everything once he's 'got you'. Even the health insurance captivates most people when a lot of employers do not offer it anymore. Only, that is just to get you to sell your clients from your past the auditing services. Then after the promises of 'residuals' that were pounded into your head at the first and second interviews, Mr. Gupta pulls the string on the promises only to deflate the employees by saying, 'I need to change the quota by double or you can no longer receive your benefits'. What a kick in the ###.

I am sure that there are other companies out there that are shadier than the operation that Mr. Gupta runs, but they at least start off by being truthful (compensation plans) and do not make it a habit of changing the rules every week. Notice to all potential victims... Please do not accept anything less than a lawful agreement (drawn up by an attorney) if you work for this unethical scam artist.


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