Trista Liao Feitile store / blacklisted for asking a question about express shipping

Hi there,

I am willing to hand over all emails pertaining to this seller Trista Liao
Feitile store, as proof.

I emailed them to enquire about express shipping, as I was willing to dropship their products from my store. But my customers like tracking their products and express shipping, a service Trista Liao Feitile store, don't list as providing. So I asked. I wasn't rude. They kept saying it was very expensive, I didn't mind I wanted to know what to charge my customers. I resent the email several times to make sure they knew I was interested.

The result is they black listed me. So so rude. The height of bad manners. Poor communicators and so rude. I would like to make a official complaint.

Kind regards


Nov 15, 2017

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