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I purchased an HID kit from this company for $200 back on 05/14/2010. I installed the kit but one bulb was not working so I called them right away and I told them about the light bulb. I spoke with Joh, who said, "Don't worry I will send you new one tomorrow." I waited for one week and called them everyday until I finally got John, who said that the bulb was already shipped and he ended up giving me a fake tracking number. I called one week later and was put on hold for what seemed forever before hanging up on me. They did this EVERYTIME I called. I finally received the replacement bulb on 07/01/2010, which installed that made none of my lights work. I called John and he said that I needed a more expensive HID light for my car. John told me to send the replacement back for a FULL REFUND. I sent it back and was refunded only $132.02 and then I called them back for the remaining amount. I was told that the rest would be sent to me immediately. Instead, I was given $20, leaving another $48 credit for me. I called back for weeks (again, being put on hold and then hung up on) and then someone named Jerry, told me he would not refund the rest of the money because the dual filament relay harness had been damaged, which is $10. I told him that if the harness was damaged, that he should've informed me that when I was given the first and second refund. Regardless, even if I am charged for that $10, I still need $37.98. I told Jerry this, but he said that the dual filament relay harness costs more than $50.00, which is a lie because the receipt from his company says that it costs $10.

When I finally got them to listen to the whole story (above) and threatened them with legal action (it's the principal, not the money), I was told, " I am sorry bud, the amount remaining is NOT being credited. I will see you in small claims court in your county when the trial arises."

If you do not want to be nickel and dimed, then DO NOT purchase any items from this company.

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