Trinity Property ConsultantsDeposit not returned

We vacated our apartment on November 26th of 2016, we still have not received our deposit back totaling $285.00 after keeping $115.00 for sanitizing out apt., the sanitizing charge was for a problem that existed there when we moved in.
Problems that existed when we moved in were never fixed. Appliances that were 36 years old were repaired instead of replaced. The things that were repaired were done in a sloppy manner.
We were charged a pet fee for three months when we no longer had a pet. The last months that we were there we were also charged 2 x the amount for utilities.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Federal Way, WA Cabinets coming apart, inspections that were scheduled never happened and no heads up saying that they weren't going to happen.
They told us we were getting new toilets that never came after three times telling us they were going to happen. Then one day out of the blue here came the toilets with no warning, then they did a sloppy job on them.
Complaints about fighting neighbors unresolved, we were told to deal with it or move, like it was our fault they had poor judgement about who to rent to.
Dopers in the K building!
This apartment complex is called The Argyle in Federal Way, WA.

Jan 13, 2017

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