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Trimlife aka / Fraud warning!

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Fraud warning! Don't buy Trimlife Inc. products, the company is a total scam. Also known as They are based in Bismark, North Dakota

I know this because my own wife was a victim of this company (and she's a pretty smart lady).

Their normal routine is to trick people into filling out an online form to get a free sample, just pay the
shipping. Then they charge $50 or more to your credit card and send you junk "health" products you did not buy. They say you only get a sample when you subscribe to their monthly delivery.

These terms are on a separate page and the acceptance that states that you have read them is signed/checked by Trimlife in advance, not by the consumer, so there is a zero chance anybody actually agreed to the terms they did not see.


The products they push in this manner are:

Hormone Balancing Formula with Bone Support (which the FDA warned them about false advertising and selling illegal drugs)

Carb Control — a NEW natural weight-loss formula.

Zovaset, Xhobatol, Ventracol, Relaset, Actipril, Daily Restore, CellaDerm Anti-Wrinkle Cream, CellaDerm Acne Treatment Solution, CellaDerm Self Tanning Mousse

On top of that, they will sell your information on so called "sucker lists" for other likely dirty marketers
to send junk mail and email to as proven by the ad I found below at

" The TrimLife list of 26,000 1st quarter buyers is now available for $100/M. TrimLife is a top selling
dietary supplement program. These men (40 percent) and women (60 percent) have joined the TrimLife continuity weight loss program via the Web at a cost of $29.97 a month. They receive a 30-day supply of TrimLife tablets as well as 24-hour weight loss support and assistance; weight loss recipes; and exercise instructions. Country Marketing Ltd. [protected]. "

26,000 people in one quarter! this company is ripping off a lot of people!

If you have been a victim of this or any other fraud artist, fight back by doing a search on a search
engine for the company and it's products, and post your story to as many blogs and forums you can find that show up in the search results.

I had to cancel my credit card and apply for a chargeback with Mastercard credit card to get the
charge removed.

PS: look for 2 unauthorized charges on your credit card: one around $7 and another around $55 or so.

Also, tell them what you think by calling them at [protected] an [protected] or send a message to their Advertising Director at

If you see anything advertised as free trial or free sample, just fill out this form - Don't do it! You'll
be sorry...

RC, Alberta Canada

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  • Da
      27th of Nov, 2006
    0 Votes - Charged my credit card
    United States

    Similar to other complaints - charged my credit card for free sample and continued to charge my card w/ o authorization.

  • Da
      28th of Nov, 2006
    0 Votes

    Similar to other Trimlife complaints - charged my credit card for free sample and continued to charge my card w/ o authoization

  • Ba
      2nd of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    I was a victum. On Oct 11, though a "passport for savings" I was signed up for a free sample from trim life.

    The Next day Oct 12 I cancelled the trimlife along with a couple others. I was told I'd probably get the free sample anyway since it was already in the system. I Received free sample a few days later. A couple weeks later received another free samle. I thought it was simply a mix up by their free sample mailing service..

    Around Thanksgiving I got another one. There was no invoice, no bill, no statement in any of the boxe so I still thought they were very slow in getting me off their list and besides I was not feeling well..

    Dec 29 I received another one. Again, no bill, no invoice no paperwork of anykind and I still throught it was a mix up of getting these dumb free samples of tanning cream I don't want.
    Finally I saw a phone number on the box and telephone Teh company Trimlife TL Sciences.

    Only then did I discover I'd been billed to my credit card over
    $144.65 at the rate of 51.90 per month. I was stunned.
    The guy there "Jason" said I couild return the boxes and get a credit to my card. I filed a dispute with Visa. It remains to be seen what wil happen.

    I pay my bills automatically and on the one bill in November where I saw a charge of 51.90, it did not bear the name TrimLife but TL Scienes which is similar to a labe from which I do purchase supplies.

    DO NOT order anyf ree sample from this company.

  • Am
      10th of Feb, 2007
    0 Votes

    I've been completeing surveys online to try and make a little extra cash. I have not subscribed to any weightloss or health sample sites. (I am 5'4" 120lbs.). Last week I recieved a free sample for Relacet. No clue what it is for. I signed on to my online account this morning and seen a charge for 57.90 from Tlsciences. Never heard of them. Called the 800 #. Closed on saturday. So I looked up the website and found this instead. I don't think this many people and complaints is just a mistake. I'm glad You are warning people. This fraud needs to be shut down.

  • Dg
      8th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes





  • Ra
      12th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Was this a free trial? If so thats why, a free trial means free for awhile and then billed full price after that!

  • Ka
      2nd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    If the company is a scam and fraud, why are they part of the Better Business Bureau? Go to the BBB's website and type in Trimlife - they are members of the BBB... but continue complaining about them and see how far it gets you!

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