TriMet MAX Stationsmoking at max station, millikan way, beaverton, or

I catch the 6:26 am Blue westbound MAX train at Millikan Way MAX Station during the weekdays. Each morning there are always 2-3 smokers standing on the sidewalk near the car park smoking cigarettes, which drifts toward the individuals standing anywhere on the platform waiting for a train. There is always a TriMet employee working during that time but he never says anything. This is a huge problem because no matter where you stand the smoke drifts toward the platform and is overwhelming. Being an asthmatic it really exacerbates my condition.
I think it would be helpful for the TriMet employee(s) to remind people of no smoking on their property; putting additional signage on the sidewalks and at the corners of the platform, where smokers will gather; and/or have security personnel on site to deter this type behaviour.
Thank you!

May 29, 2018

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