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Tricia McGarry-Church / dishonest, unethical boss

1 1917 Rocklin Dr. Sandy UT 84092Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Contact information:

Tricia McGarry-Church is the most dishonest, unethical business "professional" I have ever had to deal with. Here is a copy of my resignation letter so you can understand the type of person she is.


Today you paid me $1, 500 (not a check-in cash) for this last pay period, which is now over a week late. According to my calculations (which you agreed upon), the correct amount for this pay period should be $1, 685.11 after tax withholding(see attached spreadsheet) - $1, 500 cash received. Which means the payment is short $185.11. This is the amount past due. The amount that is owed since the end of the last pay period through today is 1, 861.05 (see attached spreadsheet). Today, August 13th, I met you at America First. I told you my check was significantly short and late and you said you could not take care of it and "don't threaten me." Because I have not been paid the amount I have been owed, and because you will not pay me the money that is owed to me today, I am sending this letter of resignation.

I am also resigning for the following reasons:

Although several employees have been fired over the last couple of months, I have continued to work hard on my clients and produce quality work. I have not been fully compensated for my work this recent pay period, which is now over a week late. You have been dishonest in not paying me what you said and when you said you would. Several checks over the last few pay periods have bounced, and it has taken several days for you to fix this. This has been a great cause of stress for me the last few months.
Not being paid on time has been a great cause of stress. Not being paid the correct amount these last few pay periods has been a cause of great stress.

The total amount owed to me is $2, 046.16 ($185.11 + $1, 861.05). I have an appointment with the Department of Labor today. If your intent is to resolve this situation before 1 o'clock today, great. If not, I will keep my appointment with the Department of Labor.


To-date she still has not paid me. In fact, there are several other previous employees who have not received their wages owed, and she currently is in the process of being sued.

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