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I went to their 3 day training program the whole time thinking that it had to be a scam and then I googled tri star and the multiple branch offs from their company as well as talked to atleast 3 people that sold for them as private contractors and found out that it is a complete scam and the people never got paid what was owed to them for selling the product. They are great vacuums but the company is very shady. As for the two lead guys Dave and Rob- you guys take advantage of people just trying to get by in this world and I look forward to you getting what you having coming to you.

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  • Ch
      Apr 25, 2008
    Tri Star - Yelling
    Tri Star
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Tri Star was scheduled to come to our home for what they call "a needed opinion" of their product. They promised 4 vacation packages. On the day that they were scheduled, I didn't feel right about it. So, when Nathan Thue came to the door, I didn't answer. He rang again, then went around the corner of the house so that we couldn't see him. He finally left and came back again. He called my home and yelled at me for not keeping the appointment and suggested that I pay for his gas. I called the lady who set the appointment and she immediately began to yell. They are jerks. I am really upset that they already had my address, etc. I never gave them that information?

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  • Br
      Feb 20, 2009

    U can google anything and find a complaint, try Walmart but oh you will probally still shop there!!

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  • Wi
      Oct 08, 2009
    Tri Star - liars
    Tristar vaccuums
    United States

    While standing in our gargage yesterday preparing to fix a fence, a couple of men came up our drive, complimented our beautiful horses and handed us a bottle of laundry detergent. They said they were opening a store close by and asked if they could show some of the products they were offering. We were crunched for time, but allowed them 5 minutes. They brought up several boxes and we permitted them in our home out of the heat. They then pulled out a air cleaning machine, turned it on and stuck it up to our noses so we could smell the clean air coming out of it. Then one man left while the other went on to do a demo on his vaccuum cleaner. An hour later, and after several comments that we did not have time to sit thru anymore, and being ignored, I got up and walked out of the house. I was hoping this guy would get a clue, but he remained while I cleaned the horses stalls, prepared feed, water and hay and yelled for my husband to help. STILL this guy didn't get the clue and stayed.
    After I prepared dinner and the table for dinner, I told him that I really must ask him to LEAVE. He continued and at that point I insisted he pack up and go. From that point on, this guy leaves dirty filters all over my floor, piles of sand and complains that he has the best product on the market and all these people have the money to buy, but won't and begins quoting how much people made that he has talked too. He slandered all his former unbuying customers and then borrowers a lighter to smoke his ciggerette.

    Now I want to know What does this have to do with detergent??

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