Trg is a call center located in Pittsburgh contracted by the Bank of New York Mellon to handle calls for shareowners of numerous companies that hire the Bank of New York Mellon as their stock transfer agent.

As an employee:
1. You will receive NO PAID HOLIDAYS.
2. Up to THREE HOURS between breaks--and you can only go to the bathroom on breaks. Unless, of course, you are a supervisor. I heard a supervisor tell someone who needed to go to the bathroom to drink less water, as he carried around a HUGE thermos of coffee for himself. The Customer service rep had to log off (go off the clock) to go to the bathroom.
3. If you log off to go to the bathroom, you are out of schedule adherence and lose your bonus.
4. If you are ONE MINUTE late back from break, lunch or are a minute late logging in, you lose your $1.00 adherence bonus.
5. Promises made are not kept.
6. Bonus structure keeps changing, rules keep changing. Bonus is nearly impossible to acheive.
7. You are to keep all calls to 5.5 minutes, but cannot interrupt a caller and have no control over how long the caller who calls in will talk. Yet, you get in trouble for long calls.
8. Supervisors have cell phones on the floor, taking pictures of employees and "clowning around". Noise level is high, supervisors participate in noise and party atmosphere.
9. Floor support are employees who are pulled off the phones to assist oth3, er employees while the supervisors party.
10. Employees are not treated with respect or dignity. Supervisors routinely gossip about employees to other employees.
11. You are attached to your phone via a headset and cannot leave your desk for any reason other than on break, which are often 3 hours apart.
12. High degree of favoritism. Senior execs, like Maureen Smith, gossip about other workers to her favorites. She was fired from Roomfu1l Express when she failed a random drug test.
13. High degree of turnover. Out of my training class of 20, a mere 8 remained still employed after 3 months.
14. If you have a choice between begging in the streets for food and living in your car or working at TRG, beg in the streets and live in your car.

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