Trevor Noah Tickets / Computicket Rudeness

1 Johannesburg, South Africa

I booked tickets for the Trevor Noah show through computicket and chose seating in a certain area. When the tickets went through I noticed that they had given me seats in a different area! I called to rectify and was put through to multiple people with no success. I then received a text on the day of the show to say it was cancelled and moved to another date. I called the number on the text to ask if I could move it to another date as the date they moved it to was not suitable for me. I was told that that was the only option. I accepted that and said I would work around it but please could they rectify the seating issue I was trying to call about in the first place and they said no there is nothing they can do! It is very frustrating when a company does nothing to help and assist when they are the ones who have made the mistake and have inconvenienced you in the first place! Wish there was a way to never use them again and book concerts through another, friendly and more accommodating company - this is not the first time we have had issues with them!

May 27, 2015

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