Tresierras MarketsSelling spoiled products

Do not shop at Tres Sierras market located in Newhall, CA on Main Street. I've notice this store has drop drastically in business thus causing them to try to save money by conserving their products longer then the spected shelf time. Today August 16, 2010 my wife and I decided to go buy some bread but we literally ran out after what we encounter. As my wife was selecting the bread out of the glass shelf is hold we notice a bigger than normal fly inside. Not only the fly was unsanitary but one entire pan of bread pudding had "MOLD" and as my wife open the glass door a strong odor came out. After reporting this to the manager on duty we literally ran out the store and went to buy our bread to their competitors "Vallarta Supermarkets". For does who still choose to buy from this store be very carefull and check for expiration dates and also inspect the perishable food before purchasing. Good Luck!!!


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