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This is what happened to me.

I signed up for treasuretrooper back in January. I started getting lots of referrals, but did none of the offers. I was not required to do any of the offers. I ended up getting 66 Level 1 referrals and 180 level 2 referrals.

I was making about $120-180 per month just from referrals up until this month. I had $140 dollars that they owed me for the month and had to send me the check, when I noticed it changed to $0.00 instead I was like WTF so I sent an email to the admin and he said I should start doing offers or else they won't pay me anymore, what kind of **** is that?

I wasted MY time getting those referrals and now those ****ers stop paying me because I don't want to do some bull**** offers which get your email address filled with spam mail. I did make about 480 bucks though, but beware if you are making decent money from them they will do the same to you, I read about the same thing happening to another guy on the forums. I ****ing hate treasuretrooper now, if I ever find out where the ******* who owns that site lives im gonna kick his ###.

bottom line: if you are making money off treasuretrooper w/o doing the bull**** offers they will stop paying you and keep the money from your referrals for themselves.

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