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I returned an Instyler with the appropriate RMA authorization number on 10/28/08. This offer initially billed ones credit card for 14.00, then, if you didn't like the item, you returned it for full credit. If you kept it, they billed your card for 3 payments of 39.99 plus shipping. Today I called to find out what had happened to my credit. The first horror was that the first time I called, I was caller 96-yes, you heard right 96. The second time I called, I was caller 79. I waited about 40 minutes to speak to someone. She said oops- we'll post that credit today for $79.00. That means that they never ran the credit when the product was returned, they billed my credit card for two payments of 39.99 and, had I not called, would have billed it for a third payment. When I mentioned how suspicious it seemed that I had to actually call to get my credit, the operator sort of fluffed it off like it was a one time oops. I think not. I think this is their standard practice, hoping most people will NOT check their statements, and will never notice that they have been defrauded.

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  • Sh
      Jan 23, 2009

    I too returned an InStyler and experienced this company's poor customer service and dodgy business practices. The first of all they don't tell you up front that you will be billed automatically if you return the product. Secondly, when I called for return process info, I was caller 85 with a wait time of almost 45 minutes. Ridiculous, YES but you have to stay on the line to receive the info on the return process. I returned the product within the 30 day period with proper authorization. Of course, after inquiring about future payments, I was told that I would be billed anyway since they bill every 30 days and would later receive a refund. It infuriated me and I said I was stop payment, the customer service rep then said she would delay the payment for time to receive the returned product. The product was received according to UPS on the 13th of the month, again within the 30 day trial period. Well needless to say, my account was debited for the payment anyway on the 20th. Surely, had I not noticed it on my account, they would have gotten away with fraud. No wonder some companies are falling apart at the seams and they should for their deceitful business practices. I do not plan to patronize this company or any of its affiliates again.

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  • Ma
      Mar 03, 2009

    per my email to the company:

    RE: request for refund on trial order 399568-1

    To whom it may concern:

    I have just gotten off the phone with your customer service supervisor Ricky x3381 on your [protected], of course no last name given. I returned the unit Feb 6th 09 and expected a refund. I was just informed that the $14.99 is not refundable under the 30 day trial. Going back into the website, the wording of:

    “LIMITED TIME OFFER! $14.99 Trial Offer is for two (2) InStylers® for 30 days. After 30 days, do nothing and keep BOTH InStylers® for just three monthly payments of $39.99. The second InStyler® is FREE!! (plus S&H)”

    This gives the assumption that as long as one returns within 30 days, that money is credited. Only when I clicked back to the return policy, does it say that this:

    Unless you have a separate agreement with Tre Milano, LLC, all products purchased directly from Tre Milano, LLC may be returned within thirty (30) days from the date on the bottom of the shipper label for a credit or a refund of the purchase price actually paid (excluding trial offer payments), less shipping and handling fees previously charged. In the case of products purchased on a trial basis directly from Tre Milano, LLC which are returned on a timely basis in accordance with the terms hereof, no further payments shall be charged to the purchaser.
    When I called for the CRA, why was this not explained? Because your company is stealing everyone’s $15 and making money. In these times of economy, I cannot understand how any viable company can take consumers money when they decide that the product is not up to par or not able to pay $135 in total. So as usual, we pay. I requested the number to the corporate offices and was told that was not to be given out. What legal company does not render a corporate number for consumers to express their complaints? Also if these need to be returned within 30 days and one decides after the 39.99 1st payment they don’t want it, they exhausted the 30 day return. How does that make sense?
    I will be filing complaints with BBB along with the Consumer Affairs State dept. A copy will also be sent to the PO box 10454, Van nyes Ca 19410, Tre Milano LLC and the spots mentioned on your site, The View, O, People, E Entertainment, CBS, NY post, Fox News LA, & 944 magazine. Let’s see what they feel about being associated with these misleading practices. I will also be sending this story to my local TV station so they can investigate your practices.
    I was not only dissatisfied by the product, but the customer service and all its entities will be informed.
    An extremely dissatisfied customer
    Mayra Lopez

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  • Ol
      Mar 05, 2009

    yes they done me the same way, they said I was buying a CD for 1.89 but they took 39, 95 out of a account that I had no money in and would have kept taking money out if I would have not put a frezze on tha account

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  • Rm
      May 11, 2009

    OK, yes I am one of the UN-HAPPY CUSTOMERS! I bought the instyler in Oct 2008. They billed my credit card the initial trial payment. Everything is fine so far. I gave the Instyler away as gifts for Christmas. One of them did not work. I have many emails back and forth with customer service for the next month stating what I needed to do to get a replacement. I paid around $7 to send the item back to them, waited one month and called in March 2009 to see where my replacement was. Customer service apologized and said they don't know why it hasn't been sent out yet and that they would have it re-sent. Around the same time I received a bill from a collection agency saying that I owe $134.97. I was a bit mad because this was supposed to be on a credit card for 3 payments. I went back and checked my bank accounts and it showed that I still had the money in the bank. I was happy that my money was still there, but frustrated because of 2 things, 1. they didn't take the money when they were supposed to and 2. I still haven't got my replacement and now it is March 2009.
    I told the lady, as soon as I received my Instyler back I would send out payment in full. I also told her that I had to pay to ship the broken item and would like a reimbursement. She said that would be no problem. That is what they told me in Jan 2009 and I sent a copy of the receipt along with a copy of the emails and the broken Instyler, as of March, still no reimbursement. I have been very patient and now it is May 2009, over 8 weeks since my conversation with Lonnie who told me that they would send out my Instyler. I called today May 11, 2009 and the first phone call I had to wait for 20 people before me and then a lady got on the phone and looked up my account and then told me that I would not get my Instyler unless I paid off the account. That is not what I was told in Jan or March but now they state this is the only way I can get my Instyler replaced. I asked to talk to a manager and I was put on hold. I was on hold for almost 13 minutes when I was HUNG-UP ON! I am very irate now and I call back, I have to go through the whole process again and this time I called back and was number 10 and had to wait only about 5 minutes. I explain who I am again and tell them I want to speak to a supervisor, I wait about 1-2 minutes and Juan the supervisor of Customer Service (no last name) goes through my account and states again that they will NOT re-ship my Instlyer unless I pay off my account. I explained everything as previous and offer to pay half of the bill now because I am not paying for something that I do not have. He states that this is not the way they do things. I told him that it is not my fault that they did not take the payments in 3 installments like previously set up and he went on to tell me that something is wrong with my credit card. I got very upset and told him he was lying because if they had attempted to bill my credit card and the money was not there, I would of received an NSF charge from my bank. And that never happened. Then he said maybe I had a new card or something. They were able to take the $14.99 trial with no problem but nothing afterwards. Not my problem and out of all the emails and conversations on the phone I was not told of this problem until 6 months after the fact and after they sent me to collections. I had told them in March when the collection letter came that I would pay when I get my replacement.
    My complaint is a bit different, I want to pay but do not have a complete order. So why pay for something that I don't have? I offered to pay half of the bill today and they won't take my money unless it is in full. The customer service department that was hired to take the orders and deal with problems is one of the worst I have seen in a longtime. I ended up asking for the name of the owner of the company for the Instyler and all he could give me was a name. No address, said he didn't know it. I told him I would send out payment for what I owe minus the amount I had to pay to send the broken item back to them and with that they said that the only way they would accept payment was in full and that I had to wait for a check to be sent back to me. Yeah right, I sent a copy of the receipt in Feb and in March faxed them a copy and I still have not got my re-imbursement for the postage.

    The customer service department acts like they get paid about $1.o0 and hour because they cannot handle anything but answering the phones(and that isn't even done on a professional manner.) There is no-one that is working in that department that can handle processing orders properly, processing payments properly, handling problem solving, or any account problems.

    I am looking for any information that will help me get in touch with the owner of the business. The person who owns the company of the Instyler and I need to know the name of the company who is in charge of the customer service.

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  • To
      Jul 01, 2009

    This is by far the worst product I have ever purchased. I am calling my back to stop all future payments to this company. I am taking in the pages of complaints listed here..

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  • Jr
      Jul 06, 2009

    What a terrible product! It does not work as advertised and it is dangerous. I cannot even find the address to return the product. If anyone knows the address please post it. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!

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  • Sg
      Jul 09, 2009

    I found that selling mine on eBay I got all my money back - they sold, one for $100 and the other for $96. If they still work and you dont like them, just list them on eBay...

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  • Tr
      Jun 04, 2010

    Do not list on eBay. If you do you will receive letter from Johnson & Pham, LLP stating that you are committing copyright infringement. This is a horrible company of which I will be sure to NEVER purchase anything from them again. Be forwarned!

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