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Travis R. Carr Atty (Stanton, Mi) / This attorney is a rip-off artist!

1 111 E. Main StStanton, MI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 989-831-5266

I went to Travis R. Carr in Stanton, MI for a divorce from my husband, which is not in this country with the agreement of Travis to charge me $500.00 for the whole process, due to us not having any kids or assets together. Process very clearly stated as being sending notification to my husband who is presently in Mexico City, certified mail to the last known address for 3 weeks, after that came back as unanswered, he was to put an ad in the newspaper for 3 weeks, soon after that, I was to get a non-contested divorce. Travis agreed to allow me to pay $200.00 up front and payments on the rest. So I paid Travis $200.00 on 10/08/09 to start the process, with me to pay $50.00 a mo in payments until paid. Meanwhile I just started nursing school full time a month prior, which kept me very busy. I also had to cut back on work to accommidate my busy school schedule, which left me very short of money. I was however, guilty of missing a few months payments to Travis. I tried several times to call Travis and explain my situation of me not being able to pay monthly, and instead would rather pay in full during income tax time. I was unable to reach him on several occasions due to his secretary telling me that he was not in the office, but in court with other cases. I explained to his secretary that it is urgent that I speak with him, and if she could have him call me as soon as he could. She agreed. I NEVER received a call back from him. I tried on several other occasions to reach him, but Travis never contacted me back. On 4/2/09 I finally was able to reach Travis, I explained to him that I would like to know what is going on with my divorce, wondered why was it taking so long, and I mentioned how hard it was to get ahold of him. His responce was "Yeah, I am really busy." I mentioned that I havent heard a word about my divorce yet and was wondering what was taking so long. He said, "Well I can't go through with the divorce with no money." I explained to Travis that I was in school, and that I only work every other weekend now due to school, and I am very sorry that I could not follow through with the payment plan we agreed upon, but I tried to call several times. (BTW: he never once called me, or sent a letter asking where his mo payment was) I also mentioned that I have the FULL amount now from my income tax refund, and was saving it to pay him in FULL. He said that was fine, but then went into this whole story about how he needed an additional $150.00 to put it in the newspaper because he was not able to serve my husband via certified mail. I explained to Travis that when I first walked into his office after talking about the whole process over the phone and was clear about the process and price, that he agreed to charge me $500.00 for everything meaning filing fee, serving my husband via certified mail, PLUS putting it in the paper for 3 weeks if he did not respond to the certified mail, which I knew he wouldn't respond due to him NOT even being in the country anyway. Travis' responce was, "Well I am going to take a loss on this one then." I explained to Travis that $500.00 was what we originally agreed upon. I also appoligized for the inconvience it may have caused, I asked Travis if I paid him what I owed now, how much longer would it take? He said he had to put it in the newspaper, and that it should be another 3 weeks or so depending on how fast the courts are. I said fine, is it ok to pay you the remaining amount I owe you today? He said that is fine so I agreed to stop, and drop by his office that day and pay him in full, the remaining amount that I owed Travis. 30 minutes later I arrived at his office, with money in hand and his secretary gave me a receipt, and I left. About 2 weeks later I tried to call again to check on the status of my divorce, and again was unable to get ahold of Travis due to me getting their voicemail AGAIN. I left several messages only to find out that not one of my calls were returned. A few times that I did finally contact his secretary, I explained to her that I would like Travis to call me A.S.A.P, so I can verify that my divorce was getting close to being final, and to please have him call me back. NOT once did I ever get a call from Travis. I started to get very angry at his point, and started to call EVERYDAY! Leaving messages, after messages with his secretary. Again... NOT one of my calls were returned. So I went up to the County Clerks office myself on 5/05/09 and much to my suprise my divorce was very much DISMISSED! I am soooooooooooooo extreemly pissed about this!!! I cannot believe that a professional lawyer could pull such crap on a customer! If ANYONE can give me some advise on WHAT I can do to sue him for my money back, and/or give me a better deal on starting a whole new divorce AGAIN...PLEASE contact me @ [protected].

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