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Travelocity / horrible service! use someone else!

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Do not ever use travelocity. There 100% guarantee is a joke. They can't even get their own service right. Too many "technical" difficulties and incompetent customer service people. The hold time on the phone is outrageous...

I booked a $5400 trip to Hawaii for myself and my family through this company on October 25th, 2006. I tried to book everything myself on the website, but the promotion code would not work. I called the customer service # and had to have them book it. This process took 1 HOUR even though I had already spent all the time researching and planning on my own and all their service rep needed to do was plug in the flight #s and hotel info that I gave her. I had even picked out the seats on the plane... ridiculously long processing time for her to take an hour. I even had to remind her that we had upgraded our rooms as she was just going to take the first thing that came up.

At the end of this hour long process with the rep, the promotion code STILL did not work and then I had to pay almost an $11 booking fee (for work that I had done myself). I had to make sure she notated my file to process the $100 refund and then issue me the $200 future promo code credit. When they finally gave me the credit, then refunded a credit card I used 8 months earlier on a different trip!!!

Even after all of this hassle, I was still pretty happy about getting our trip taken care of. That is, until the next day!! When checking the website the next day with my trip id # I was unable to find my trip. I called the customer service # and was unable to locate it via the voice response system. When I got through to an agent I was treated very poorly. I was left on hold for over 15 minutes even though he had already taken down my credit card information that I had paid with to supposedly check what was going on. During that 15 minute time span, he never checked back with me to let me know what was going on...was he even working on it?? was he on a break?? who knows???

After becoming fed up with this unprofessional treatment, I hung up and called back. The lady who then helped me still could not figure out what was going on. She did keep me informed while she was checking on things, but I was left feeling like there was a PROBLEM. I contacted my credit card company to confirm that the money had been authorized and it had been.

The supervisor told me to contact their consumer relations dept and they would make it up to me! WHAT A JOKE!!

After 6 weeks, no one called me and I still could not access my trip info. Wondering if we still had a hotel resv ( I already confirmed w/ the airline) I called in to Travelocity again. After another hour long phone call they finally fixed their "technical" problems of giving me a recycled trip id. I still can't view it.

Their idea of making me 100% satisfied is giving me a credit of $50 on a FUTURE trip! WHO CARES!!! I want to be satisfied on this trip. They couldn't even offer us a show ticket or any other comp. Why would I ever want to use them in the future.

USE SOMEONE ELSE!!! The little bit of money you may save over expedia is so not worth the stress of wondering if they are going to mess something up.

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  • Ke
      17th of Apr, 2007
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    I found you website while browsing for Travelocity complaints and I was amazed to find so many complaints!! Well, here is mine. Please add it to the growing list.

    I am deployed to the Middle East in support of the War on Terror. I left the US in early February for a scheduled tour of 6 months. My wife Sheila was due to deliver our 2nd child in early April. In preparation for the birth, she bought a set of tickets from Travelocity to fly from Bahrain to Virginia on 4 April and returning to Kuwait on 11 April. The total cost of the fair was $1400 USD.

    Travelocity said they would mail the tickets to me immediately (this was 3 weeks before the flight) and that I would need the tickets as proof of purchase. Logically, the question was asked "what if the tickets don't arrive in time for the flight?" The issue was that the only mailing address I have overseas is a FPO address. Travelocity stated that if I didn't have the tickets I could pay $100 USD and have replacement tickets printed out at the airport. No big deal, it's worth the money.

    So I arrive at the airport in Bahrain 4 hours early and go to the Gulf Air counter. You guessed it- no tickets in hand, no flight, period. So I get on the phone, my wife gets on the phone and we commence the complaining process. The first call to Travelocity reveals an agent THAT DOES NOT SPEAK CLEAR ENGLISH, so we asked for a supervisor who ALSO does not speak clear English. Long story a bit shorter, they cannot help me out. They told us that we could buy a one way ticket to Frankfurt, Germany and sort out the rest with US Airways there. They also said that US Airways WOULD honor the $100 USD replacement fee since they are a US carrier.

    So I buy a one way ticket for $500 to get out of Bahrain and start my trip. I asked my wife to make some phone calls while I was in flight to settle this and save time. I only had a couple of hours layover in Germany, so time was precious.

    When I arrived in Frankfurt I got on the phone and she told me we were still out of luck. US Airways said the same thing, no tickets, no flight. I was now stuck in Germany with no flight home. In addition, our new baby boy Owen has gone into Intensive Care due to heart/respiratory complications. My scheduled trip had now become emergency leave.

    At the ticket counter in Frankfurt I met and AMAZING German woman who was willing to work with me on this issue. She tried and tried to honor my standing reservation, but her computer system would no recognize my reservation, payment method, etc etc. The bottom line was that I would have to buy a new fare-again. The cost? $5000 USD just to get home!!! I don't have that kind of money...

    So she tried a different way and was able to lower the fare to $1200 USD. So I bought the tickets and got home.

    Now comes the frustrating part of the story- dealing with Travelocity. Again we call to see about a refund. We get the run-around. They said write a letter to the customer support department and explain what happened, include proof of purchase etc etc. The people we called spoke in a heavy Indian accent, so I asked where were they located. They said in INDIA? It must be cheaper to hire people there than in the US, but I bet every dime they earn stays here. That is not the issue here though...

    The dispute is ongoing. I doubt that I will see a dime in refunds, but this will be the last time I book anything through Travelocity. I have informed everyone we know and warned them not to be seduced by the low fares, it's not worth the risk. I have also forwarded this letter to our local newspaper in hopes of getting the ball rolling on some media attention.

    On a positive note, our son Owen is doing much better and will fully recover. He should be home in a couple of weeks. I will be returning to the combat zone once he is discharged from the hospital.

    I don't have to tell you that I booked return tickets through someone else...

    Thanks, and I hope this helps.
    Ken B

  • Fr
      19th of Jan, 2008
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    Travelocity's salient feature is their arrogance not that you should expect anything better from a lawn ornament. Their attitude distills to taking a customer's money and ignoring the rest of the transaction. Misspelled names that create difficulty at the airport ... that is the customer's problem. Seating difficulties with the airline ... at least you got in the plane. And the all time favorite: "it has never happened before but we will investigate." Spend you money someone else. These folks need another calling.

  • Fa
      24th of May, 2010
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    I always have an amazing experience with travelocity maybe if you didnt hang up the first time you would have not had to call back more times...duh i mean they can not answer your questions if your not there for them to talk to...they are not their to wipe your [censor]! i think travelocity is for smart people, anyways seats on flts are not gauranteed i mean i have booked flts through the airline and have not gotten the seats i need. as for travelocity giving you tkts to a show...i mean really?? they dont not offer shows on their website why would they give it to someone like you? they gave you 50 off of travel what they are used for. i think that was pretty fair...anyways love travelocity the people are amazing, i always have a fantastic time no matter where i go. i think everyone should use travelocity! :)

  • Pe
      21st of Oct, 2011
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    HORRIBLE! I used them for the first time yesterday and will NEVER use them again. They must outsource their customer no-service department to India, as I had to go through three reps in order to understand anyone. They wanted to charge me a 30.00 fee for changing my Delta ticket on top of the 150.00 change fee from Delta. I said, forget it, I'll call Delta. Called Delta and made the change, but when the new ticket came, there was an additional 50.00 added to the change fee. I called Delta and complained, spoke to a wonderful customer service rep who investigated the added charge. I learned that Travelocity charges Delta 50.00 for changing the ticket, BUT lists it on the itinerary as TAXES. Well, thank God for Delta, because the rep canceled my first ticket, then rebooked it with the Delta change fee only, and waived the Travelocity fee for 50.00. I understand this was a one-time courtesy, and am very grateful to Delta for understanding my plight. TRAVELOCITY needs to take their roaming gnome and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. PACK OF RIP-OFFS! STAY AWAY! FRAUD!

  • Md
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Travelocity - Horrible Service
    United States

    I booked 2 round trip tickets in July for my honeymoon in January. There was a snowstorm that came through the night before our flight. Due to snow, the airport in Memphis canelled all their flights. We attempted to contact Travelocity to switch to a different flight so we could make our cruise. Customer Service told us to contact the airline, and gave us a number. The number they gave us was only for the hours of 8am to 5pm. Our flight was supposed to be at 630am. We had purchased travel insurance through Travelocity, so we called them back to use it. Customer Service again gave us a different number to call. When we called it, we were told that the travel insurance we purchased doesn't help with something like this, so we couldn't use it. We ended up having to by 2 one-way tickets that were as expensive as our round-trip tickets and never got reimbursed for the flight that was cancelled. Attempts to contact the company in regards to this have lead no where. DO NOT USE TRAVELOCITY. Despite their commercial which assure you they have 'hassle free' travel plans, it is not true.

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